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Back in the day when I was making jewelry and doing beading, I spilled one of those large, multi-compartment containers filled with seed beads onto the carpet in my bedroom. I never fully got all of them up until I ripped out the carpet a few years later.

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2/19/09 11:39 AM

I've had a curtain for a closet door for quite awhile, not because of space limitations, but because I really hated the metal bi-fold doors I had.

I recently did the same thing to my daughter's closet...

I like the look and the accessibility, not to mention the possibilities of changing out the fabric at whim :)

Apartment Therapy Boston | Removing Closet Doors
1/7/09 06:27 PM

Adding to jacasi's idea: What about some kind of shoji screen - but hung horizontally? You could do one stationary panel across the middle two rows of panes - the cats could still see underneath, and you'd still have ample light coming in through the uncovered panes and the paper.

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11/20/08 07:42 PM

I just found this post after searching to see if anyone else had a similarly bad experience with this stuff. It is low odor, I'll give you that. However after following the directions to the *T* I came up with something more "scrub vigorously with a wet cloth" erase than dry erase. (And even after cleaning with a wet cloth there were noticeable stains leftover.)

The most disappointing thing is that the directions state you have to use this product within two hours of mixing the 2 separate components. So there is no going back to reapply after it has fully cured (2 days later).

Luckily, there is a money-back, satisfaction guarantee, which I will test tomorrow. *Crosses fingers*

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Dry Erase Paint by Rust-Oleum
11/4/08 03:09 PM

Oh, I do the so "Grandma's House" approach - there are candid family photos on walls, noticeboards, in frames on tables, on the fridge, etc. If it's a photo that reminds me of a particular fun/special moment, then why shouldn't I display it where I (and consequently anyone who passes through I guess) can readily see it?

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10/27/08 09:02 AM

Thank you everyone for the nice comments. The wall color was a little scary at first (the web really doesn't do it justice) but I just concentrated on the end results and am happy with it.

BakedPixels, that's a wall decal from blik - probably my favorite thing in the room.

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10/23/08 10:00 AM

IKEA was some similar lamps:

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10/22/08 11:36 AM

Hello! Would a 10-yr-old's room be "too old" for this contest?

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Welcome to a New Colorful Week at Ohdeedoh!
10/20/08 01:52 PM

Ohhh, I don't have just one favorite, but I guess I'll go with turquoise (the color of my bedroom).

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10/9/08 12:24 PM