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yes, I turn mine cooler at night too. I tried turning it up at night, but even a few degrees higher, kept waking up. For me not worth the cost savings if I loose sleep and too tired to go to work.

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6/29/13 09:20 AM

Absolutely an inspector. An ASHI certified one. Call them, speak to them, it's good to get one with some kind of construction background. Look at a sample of their reports--they usually have them on their web site. Look for pictures that explain what the problem is. A good report is easy to spot. If you get an inspector who just issues a check a box report pass. That's not an inspector, that's a realtor's buddy who will pass the house to clinch the deal. My carmudgeon inspector looked at THREE houses I was going to buy. He found a wet basement (hidden by insulation piled up against a wall) a wet basement with outside grading problems that couldn't be fixed without significant cost that the seller was not willing to do. Warning-wet basements can cause a musty odor thru-out your house over time. THe NEXT house he found a Missing chimney cap, a missing chimney liner, several minor issues (corroded sewer cap), broken sashes on window, gutter clean -out (the chimney issues alone would cost $20,000 or more to fix). PASS. Now on the 3rd house, we'll see what he finds. **by the way, my realtor was not happy that i was selecting my own inspector*** ...hmmmm... My advise, find someone you like, meet with them, tell them anything you might be concerned about...even slightly --- Is the hvac new? Is the plumbing new? etc. It will save you thousands in the long run. (BTW, each inspection he charges me less and still does a fantastic job). AND he explains that he may not find everything...some things they just don't find. He does advise to get in an expert if he see's something wrong. For example, the first house did not have an upgraded electrical system that would support all the appliances in the house....he pointed that out in the report and advised to get an electrician in to look at it for cost/repair etc. Really, $300 to $400 bucks is pennies compared to the cost of your home.

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10/4/12 08:26 PM