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Great ideas, but I don't generally recommend my clients paint their color options directly on the wall. If you do this , the color beneath will affect the new color options and one another. A much better option is to paint the color on white foam core board. You can then place the color boards around the room to see how they will look in different areas of the room. Colors often look different near windows vs. interior walls. Good Luck!

Choosing Wisely: Tips for Getting the Perfect Paint Color Everytime
11/7/12 01:10 PM

You're not alone, color is one of the toughest areas for my clients. You can never tell what a color will look in your space unless you take the time to sample it in your room. Colors will go up twice as dark or bright as they appear in those little chips. You should always try a few versions of the same color. I suggest buying the small sample pots and painting them on sample boards that you can buy at the paint store. Painting it directly on the walls will be influenced by the color underneath. It seems like a lot of work, but you will know exactly what it will look like in your room. Good luck!

What Are Your Best Tips For Choosing Paint Colors? Good Questions
10/4/12 07:23 PM