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My washer/dryer are side by side. I installed a closet rod to hang above them (high, out of sight), and I take my clothes right out of the wash, put them on hangers, and hang them on the rod. I tried a shower curtain rod, but heavy items made it come crashing down.

At home depot, they sell these in all finishes (metal, plastic, wood). I chose wood.

Then, measure the width of your space and have them cut a 1-inch dowel!

My clothes come right off the drying rack into my closet :)

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2/5/14 11:39 AM

Drying racks have always been a pain to me. I installed wooden rod sockets above my washer ( and had home depot cut me a 1-inch thick wooden dowel to size. I can take down the dowel when it's an eyesore and not in use, and I hang everything on hangers. I can dry way more clothes, and they don't get a crease in the middle!

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3/27/13 03:01 PM

Amazing coffee table! Where is it from?

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10/3/12 08:25 PM