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When I end up at a store that has too many tempting/unnecessary items (Target, Homegoods...any drugstore?), I use basically this same strategy- but with a shopping cart as my outbox.

So, instead of relying on sheer willpower alone to make it past the gauntlet of $1 knick-knacks near the entrance of any Target, I waltz right up to it and indiscriminately fill my cart with as many colorful tin pails, novelty note pads, and whimsical doo-dads as I can handle.

By the time I've made it through the rest of the store, the superfluous crap has usually lost its magic. At that point, I simply return to the dollar shelf and put the non-essentials back where they belong.

In the few instances when I make it all the way through the store and still feel attached to some whimsical doo-dad, I snap a picture of it and *then* put it back on the shelf.

To date, I've never had non-buyer's remorse. :)

A Simple Step to Success: Set Up an Outbox January Cure: Assignment #4
1/8/14 12:00 AM

My husband and I woke up yesterday morning to a loud "crash!"

Our cat Lunchbox had attempted to sample the bouquet I brought home, and ended up knocking over the entire vase.

We have had luck with tropical indoor plants (like Bromeliads). I think they are poisonous to cats, but ours seem to know it, because they never eat them.

I also have a white, ceramic orb-planter thing that hangs from the ceiling, unmolested by cats, to date!

My newest tactic is to buy plants that thrive outdoors, for the space right outside my window. Throw in a little tray of birdseed, et voila!--pleasing to humans, cats, birds, and the occasional woodland creature!

We call it "Cat TV." Our cats get to sit 8 inches from LIVE SQUIRRELS and the squirrels get to be obese.


Weekend Chores: Flowers & Floors January Cure: Assignment #2
1/5/14 08:54 PM

My weekends seem to alternate between intense online job-searching and trying to control the Grey Gardens situation that inevitably takes over my apartment after doing so (where did this graveyard of tonic water bottles even come from?!).

Maybe there could be a February Cure, for maximizing weekend-happiness? I might actually attempt to relax now and again if it was a legitimate part of my schedule! :)

What's Your Weekend Energy Style? Reader Survey
1/5/14 07:06 PM

The walk-in freezer section at Fairway usually has some flowers!

Weekend Chores: Flowers & Floors January Cure: Assignment #2
1/5/14 05:00 PM