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Also, keep your printer turned off. On the 'off' setting, the cartridges are tucked to the side within the mechanism, which is to prevent the ink from drying out. When left 'on' cartridges will dry out faster.

Three Ways to Make Printer Ink Last Longer
10/26/12 11:45 AM

As someone mentioned earlier, it's important to be sure whether you're interested in Interior Design or Interior Decorating/Styling. Unfortunately, these terms are often used interchangeably outside of the field (particularly on television), when there's actually a huge difference.

If you're interested in colours, fabrics, furnishings, and finishes, you may want to look further into styling. In the interior design field, these elements only make up the final ten percent of a project. Instead, a lot of attention is devoted to the nitty gritty of building codes, lighting grids, the drafting of detailed construction plans, etc. Also, a lot of projects in the Interior Design field are corporate--such as designing well-lit and well-laid out office plans.

A good place to start is to approach professionals whose work you admire and inquire whether they are designers or stylists/decorators, and see what route they took.

Alternate Paths into the Interior Design Field? Good Questions
10/3/12 10:30 AM