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I see two solutions to your TV problem: [some of these ideas were already mentioned, but I only saw that after I started writing this!]

If you’re set on keeping it in that corner, I would recommend having a built in made that spans from that corner, all the wall along the adjacent wall [beneath the window]. That way, what right now seems like an unfortunate furniture placement will have more purpose and actually feel like a feature in the space. [don’t forget all the storage you’ll get from having an extended built in!] I would even make the extended area beneath the window a built in seating area with a cushion, which still allows for storage, but gives you a flexible seating area when you’re entertaining a larger group of people.

Another option is to reconfigure the room so that the TV is on the wall where the sofa is currently and instead float the sofa in the room [rooms always feel more spacious that way]. Is the reason the TV has to be in that corner because of the cable wiring? Your cable provider can always switch the line to come out of another wall [depending on the location and difficulty, I’ve seen this cost anywhere from $25 to $150]. For me, that investment is worth having a TV placed in the optimal location, especially since you’re switching to a larger one and you’re a movie buff! You’ll also save money with this option, since you’ll no longer have to deal with having someone custom build something for the space. If the TV can work on that wall, you can even set up your balcony so that you can watch from out there on a warm night!

In either scenario, I would definitely frame all your posters [and maybe frame a few smaller pieces for variety] and do a gallery wall. If the TV is on that wall, I love when the gallery wall is designed around the TV, so when you’re not watching, it blends into the space better.

Since the space isn’t super large, I would stick to slimmer sofas [under 36” deep and with a low back] and then invest in a nice chair and ottoman. I love the midcentury modern look, and that era of furniture has a nice, slim scale, which will work for your space and bring out the great sliding doors and window [the best feature in your home, I’d say!]. With less furniture, you’ll also be able to float the furniture in the space either way.

Lastly, a bigger rug for sure [at least a 6’x9’, judging from what I can see], a floor lamp and a side table with a lamp [from these shots, I don’t see any lamps, and overhead lights just kill me! I’d even swap out your current overhead for something more exciting- it’s in the center of the room, and is the first thing I noticed- so it could be a great feature!]. I’d also do a single coffee table, rather than two tables, just because there’s a lot of furniture in there and that’ll simplify things a bit more. I love the mid-mod surfboard style. Hope this helps!

Help Me Choose New Furniture for My Living Room? Good Questions
4/3/14 10:43 AM

Thank you, vintage birthday! She's an artist based out of the Philippines and Germany, Sandra Torrijos. I'm so fortunate to have her art all throughout my home.

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10/10/12 01:43 PM

AMiller, it is the same sofa, but with different fitted slipcovers [one a nubby gray and the other a canvas white]. The sofa is from Ikea [Kivik] and the covers are so affordable, changing the look of the room is so simple!

Jo's "Bold Contrasts" Room Room for Color Contest
10/10/12 01:04 PM

Both panels [the sheers and solid cream with scalloped detail] are Ikea. I use those same sheers in two other rooms because they're so delicate and versatile. The other panel I chose because it has a hint of teal in the detailing that works with the color in the room and I love drapes with grommets- so much easier to operate. The total cost for this double window treatment was only $140, which is probably why I love it most!

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10/10/12 01:08 AM

Noelle153 and akay: You both have it right! It's actually my room, and I added the lighter, double paneled curtains just recently. Those funky roman shades were there when I bought the house, and it was such a relief to get rid of them finally. I didn't realize until after the fact that I had accidentally uploaded the photos of my older room! Lesson learned!

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10/9/12 09:47 PM