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I agree with Cassis about the PS lockers. We have a white one in the living room and a red on a bedroom to store DVDs and other things. They're sleek yet a little quirky, but super cheap.

I also love the expedit. I have a 2X4 one that's great for storing my books as a well as fitting my stereo on top.

Apartment Therapy New York | Top 5: Cheap Furniture Basics
12/23/08 12:56 PM

At our old apartments we would let everybody know that we were having a party and that they were welcome to come. Now in this apartment, we forgot to tell our neighbor so when my friends and I laughed too loud one night she decided to call my landlord in another state rather than come by and tell me. The next day I went to apologize and she only spoke to me through her screen door. I thought that was extremely rude.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: How to Party Without P***ing Off the Neighbors?
12/19/08 02:32 AM

All the dinner parties I go to involve drinking way too many bottles of wine/champagne so the night ends in sleepy laughter and people slouching in their chairs tipsy. I've never seen people being rowdy drunks at dinner parties, which would probably be a rather inconsiderate thing to do.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Drunken Dinner Parties...Out of Fashion?
12/17/08 01:56 AM

We waited for almost a month for our shower to be fixed. Otherwise, our landlord replaced our kitchen faucet within a week.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | How Long Does Your Landlord Take to Fix Things?
11/27/08 09:45 PM

A friend of mine bought a bunch of disco ball ornaments a few christmas' past and he loves sticking them in random places around the house for fun.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Disco Dining...and Then Some
11/19/08 01:31 AM

Haha I love colored toilet paper! I was so tempted to steal a roll of the red toilet paper at Geisha House.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | ToiletSpirit Trompe l'oeil Wallpaper and Toilet Rod
11/10/08 05:55 PM

I buy organic food from Trader Joe's it's always come up cheaper than buying from a regular grocery store. I only buy cheese at Whole Foods, due to their great selection, but otherwise it's ridiculously expensive.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Eating Organically on a Tight Budget: Are You Doing It?
11/7/08 09:39 AM

Like polkadot, the Ikea nightstand looks most like it and is only $30. I have two in white.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Similar Nightstand?
11/5/08 02:39 PM

Wow, the nook by the stairs looks exactly like the one at my place. Same stairs, wall color, moldings, except that ours has a built-in shelf on the wall under the stairs.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Before and After: Nook by the Stairs
10/29/08 06:27 PM

I have the espresso cup ones (with the pretzels in it). They're such a great idea and they remind me of the disposable cups I used to get hot cocoa from in France as a kid. Haven't really gotten around so using them though.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Uncommon Goods: Disposable Permanent Ceramics
10/21/08 08:04 PM

I have the same bright blue bedding from Ikea. I was thinking of changing it, but the way you've mixed it up has inspired me to work with it. It's a lovely combo.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Southwest #17: Chris Kendra's Eyeball Tickler
10/13/08 04:20 PM