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All of the rooms are lovely, and well decorated, and I'm happy for the finalists. But, I agree with ScuttledCuttle's assessment. Somewhere in the voting process the whole "color" focus seems to have been pushed to the back. Perhaps next year there can be two contests - one for overall design and aesthetics and one for use of color?

As a first-time contestant, I want to thank everyone who voted for my room "Melanie's Terracotta Traveler." I was so thrilled that there were people out there who liked my style and use of color. And, I was so excited to see so many other people who used color bravely and with abandon! I definitely took notes on all your submissions and have so many more ideas I now want to implement! Thanks everyone!

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10/30/12 02:36 PM

Hi Lifeabundant and ClemB!

Lifeabundant - the coffee table pairing came from They had mixed reviews on the site but they are quite sturdy without being too heavy. And, no command hooks or anything with the plant and mirror.

ClemB - the sofa is a fake leather "click" sofa and I bought it online - I can't remember which store, but there were several sofa companies that carried it (it comes in white too). You can "click" it to flat and use it as a guest bed. The chair is from a vintage store in San Francisco called Past Perfect in Cow Hollow.

Melanie's "Terracotta Traveler" Room Room for Color Contest
10/24/12 12:46 PM

Life Abundant - Thanks for voting for me! Most of my plants come from IKEA (my philosophy being if they can survive in the basement of IKEA they will thrive in a home). The one around the mirror didn't start that way - "Audry 2" was getting out of hand so one day I started unraveling it and it was so long I decided to hook it around the mirror. I liked the look and now it mostly grows that way on its own!

Melanie's "Terracotta Traveler" Room Room for Color Contest
10/17/12 12:01 PM

Thanks everyone! This is my first Room for Color competition and I appreciate all the kind words! Melanie

Melanie's "Terracotta Traveler" Room Room for Color Contest
10/4/12 07:51 PM