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I would do one of 2 things.

1st idea- decoupage some vintage sepia toned newspaper (or old maps) on the front drawers, paint the sides with (milk paint and bonder) in a red or blue. OR! face them with reclaimed wood on the sides. This look would be fun and fairly easy to do. It would give them a rustic stem punk look.

2nd idea- Take some old antique tin tiles cut them and nail them on the front of the dresser then use chrome spray paint for the sides- or a rusty color spray paint. This will give them an antique industrial look.

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7/29/13 09:29 AM

Great store pics! As a new on line shop i always wonder how people figure out their shipping costs? Where do they get their crates? the right shipping company? I would love to know more about that stuff. I have figured out smaller items but not the larger ones.
I read some of the other comments about pricing. I know some store charge quite a bit for their items while others charge mid line or even flea market prices. One thing I am learning as a new business is that pricing really is an art. There is so much that has to factor into it. As a person who has picked and hunted and waited for the "right" items at the "right price" I sometimes wonder how people can afford or pay hundreds of dollars for a seemingly simple vintage item. The fact is that there are people like who pick and wait, and others who either don't have the time or eye to do that. this is where the vintage sellers come in.
We spend a lot of time money, resources and work on tweeking our picking skills on a daily basis. People are paying for that. AND! we will often revamp pieces which takes time and money.
I think there is a lot to be said for buying second hand, reclaimed, reworked, and repurposed items.
Most times a great vintage reclaimed piece is still less expensive than a factory made new piece made in a unethical factory!

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