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Room 1.

Design Duel: Which Living Room Do You Prefer?
9/14/13 12:06 AM

Use them to store my lentils, quinoa etc.

Creative Recycling: 5 More Uses For Jars
6/28/13 10:39 PM

Important component of my "landing strip"! AT could have incorporated such...when describing the idea of the landing strip....

Moving Money: Saving Your Change for a Time Of Change
6/28/13 10:37 PM

Will a light bulb and resin work?

An Eco Friendly, Safe Way to Repel Flies
4/11/13 09:12 PM

Glass bricks

What To Do with Interior Windows-to-Nowhere? Good Questions
4/6/13 04:45 PM


One Minute Tip: Live Within Your Means Apartment Therapy Videos
2/14/13 12:53 AM

Beautiful! Apartment therapy should begin a prize system and these guys deserve one. The prize should be an exclusive sign saying "free thinkers live within" only handed out by apartment therapy.

Alex & Alina's Lovingly Layered Home House Tour
2/14/13 12:48 AM


Heather & Dave's Eclectic Enclave House Tour
2/6/13 12:03 AM

Viva espana! It's called free thinking, people! Not my personal taste but looking gave me some thrill....

Rustic Warmth and Color in Spain Elle Decor
2/5/13 11:57 PM

I have been really good this year. Really.

Win: Great Lakes Quilt by Haptic Lab Holiday Giveaway
12/1/12 10:37 AM

Enjoyed this! Cute

Nick Jernigan: My Favorite Thing Apartment Therapy Videos
11/26/12 10:42 AM

Wow amazing

Amy & David Butler's Creative Textile Lab of a Home
House Tour

11/14/12 11:33 PM

Loved it! M

Kate's \"Home is Where the Art Is\" House Tour
11/14/12 11:29 PM

Cozy beautiful home.

Alex & Sarah's Traveler's HomeHouse Tour
11/9/12 12:40 PM

Dark is me

On the Kitchen Floor: Dark vs. Light
11/6/12 12:43 AM

A mess and never company ready.

Do You Do a Special Clean Up For Visitors or Just Go With the Flow?
11/1/12 12:30 AM

U rock gs! Stay and do u. M

Leah & Bill's Modern Love Nest House Tour
10/30/12 07:43 PM

Lovely home. And kudos to glamoursquaw who addresses any issues viewers have had. The negative comments could have been deleted as we have been seeing more of recently. Or the AT writer could come and attack the commenter (been a victim!) Instead she confidently makes a stand for her identity. The me so horny thing is not offensive at all to me. See my login names for my real name sounds like me so horny and I of course had to be Asian at the same time.

Leah & Bill's Modern Love Nest House Tour
10/30/12 12:46 PM

Keep calm.

November 6th: Will You Host or Hide?
10/30/12 12:36 PM

Love it! Free original thinkers live there! Thx for sharing, m

Debbie & Devin's Modern Slow Living House Tour
10/23/12 12:13 PM