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San Francisco is relatively bug-free, as it tends to be too cold and windy most of the year for bugs. We have almost no mosquitos, and rarely have fly issues. This allows for large courtyards with patio doors, such as those found in Eichler homes. The exception being certain parts of the city that's warmer and has lots of stagnant water (e.g., Dog Patch) and during the handful of days in the year when it's warm enough for enough consecutive days to allow the bugs to come out. But it's pretty rare that we have such warm streaks.

Bridging the Gap: Inspiring Indoor/Outdoor Spaces
10/17/11 08:57 PM

I agree with the two prior posters. Regional listing is pointless. CL is city-specific and AT's coverage of it should be as well.

The Daily Scavenger: Western Edition
10/11/11 01:39 PM

Why would picking up jeans be an issue, as long as you wash it before wearing it? I don't see any difference between picking up jeans curbside or buying a pair in a second hand store.

Street Finds: Where Do You Draw the Line?
8/5/11 01:21 PM

Thank you for the sourcing on the windows. Beautiful home, once again. One of my favorites on AT. A great blend of modernism injected with warmth and whimsy, without loosing modernism's "cool" (which happens too often with many of the homes on AT, featuring with one too many cutesy etsy pillows, bronze deer figures, etc.). The color palate and the great art certainly adds to the coolness.

Nana's Warm and Modern Family Home
House Tour

4/29/11 07:29 PM

What material are the window frames made of? Is it black aluminum? I tried to get this type of a look when I redid the windows to our San Francisco mid-century house, and found out that the only two options were to go colored fiberglass frames or aluminum (anodized, dark bronze) but neither of these qualified for the government rebate. So we ended up going with the energy-efficient option, vinyl. Looking at your beautiful windows, I wish we went with the black options.

Nana's Warm and Modern Family Home
House Tour

4/15/11 02:00 PM

Kelly Wearstler has been using different iterations of these domed chairs for years. A quick google search turned up this link with some pictures of Wearstler's designs incorporating domed chairs (also features the RH version):
I rather prefer the saturated colored-versions that Wearstlers uses, compared to the neutral Restoration Hardware version. In any case, I think these chairs certainly transcend Restoration Hardware, and will not look "dated" or "Restoration Hardware catalog 2011" when viewed in posterity. They add instant drama to a space.

Domed Chair
Love it or Hate it?

3/25/11 01:23 PM

Absolutely love your work. I second the request for a link to your website.

Dana & JB's Single Family Home + Studio Gem
House Tour

2/23/11 07:51 PM

I would love to see more. A full house tour please!

Mark & Stuart's Hillside Home
House Call

2/22/11 07:22 PM

Eclectic to mean often means collection of beautiful, covetable things, which often are not from the period or style. It often results in a beautiful room. No. 7 is a good example.

Eclectic Decor: Mixing Old and New Styles
12/14/10 08:24 PM

Dwell Studio. Discontinued, I believe.

Rob & Barb's Loft Story
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12/14/10 04:21 PM

hessilou and literaghost - thank you both for answering my question

Teal: Kind of Blue, A Little Green, Pretty Great
10/8/10 06:19 PM

Anyone know the name of the paint in the first picture of the bathroom?

Teal: Kind of Blue, A Little Green, Pretty Great
10/8/10 03:26 PM

I've been following AT for as long as it's been around, and this is by far the best put-together apartment I've seen. Your taste level, in both art and furnishings, and composition of all of those into a limited space is stunningly sophisticated. The color choices are unexpected and original. The renovation of a generic "new construction"-feel apartment with Ikea and other affordable fixtures and cabinetry is inspirational. And thank you for taking time out to identify the artists to all the works displayed. I am bookmarking this as a resource to start my very own collection of colourfield and hard edge art...

Gene & Heidi's Colorful Art-filled Home
House Tour

9/9/10 04:42 PM

"minimalism" done right. complex and lovely but elemental, all at once.

Global Style from a House in Provence | Apartment Therapy Chicago
11/30/09 08:31 PM

The pictures look very uneven and messy; any benefit of a unified framing scheme is marred by the lack of attention to detail in the framing as well as in the hanging.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | How To: Create Gallery Style Shadowbox Frames
3/26/09 04:18 PM