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I lived in Boston for two years and moved three times! Ugh. Not fun, especially in the winter. Definitely expand your search from the city if possible and check out Somerville, Southie, and maybe even Charlestown or Waltham for more options. I always found my places on Craigslist, though oftentimes the specific rentals were taken but the company/agent showing had other availabilities, so I saw those instead and a couple worked out that way.

Another alternative may be taking over someone's lease (subletting) while they study abroad spring semester--usually starting in January. If they go home for the holidays, you're golden! You may have to find a new place come summertime, but it's usually much easier then. Good luck! :)

Winter Apartment-Hunting Tips in Boston?
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11/1/11 01:50 PM

I think it's so cute! Like pixels, but a different kind of nerdy ;)

Crazy Cross Stitch or Glorious Granny Chic Wall Art?
4/22/11 08:03 PM

When I was in elementary school, I used to collect license plate numbers from out-of-state plates in a little notebook I carried with me... haha. If we saw one from someplace especially "rare" I would beg my parents to drive back so I could get it! What a weirdo :)

What's the Weirdest Thing You Collect?
9/2/10 05:53 PM

$1400, inc. utilities, for a 900 squarefoot guest house in Old Towne in Orange, CA. Abundant parking, great neighborhood, amazing garden shared w/owners. Own washer and dryer :) Split with the bf.

Survey: How Much Is Your Monthly Rent or Mortgage?
8/16/10 06:33 PM

If you're allowed, painting a new place (or an otherwise crappy/disappointing place) can not only make it feel much more home-y, but can spruce up a lot of cosmetic blemishes. Every place I've rented let me paint as long as I painted it back to white before I moved out and had them OK the colors first.

Enlist some friends to help! Lay down plastic sheeting (or old sheets), order a giant pizza, blast some music, and you'll be done in no time! Make sure you're able to properly ventilate it for fumes/prompt drying.

Lessons Learned from Your First Apartment
8/4/10 06:06 PM

I recently came home to a newly moved-into apt full of packed boxes, no groceries, and dissembled Ikea furniture. But after 2 weeks in rural Philippines, I couldn't be happier!! The key, I think, is to go somewhere awful and then you won't be sad about not having ironed sheets!

Avoiding the Post Vacation Blues
7/29/10 02:35 PM

Some of my favorite etsy shops (I like typography, prints, letterpress, cards, and stationery... the sassier the better!)

Super cool prints of different cities:

Fun and "inspiring" prints/cards:

Simple black & white prints:

Silkscreen prints and cards (including cool xmas cards!):

Fun hair accessories:

Unique cards and bright sassy prints:

Lovely prints and other goods:

Adorable and unique cards:

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9/29/09 12:15 PM

Seasoning salt is soooo good :)

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | 5 Ways to Liven Up Corn on the Cob
7/16/09 11:22 AM

Bacon-wrapped hot dogs!!!!!!!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Good Question: Best Meals to Cook On Camping Trips?
4/30/09 04:37 PM

Strawberry-rhubarb pie is SOOO good! Also, when I was a kid we would break off a ripe stalk, take the first tart bite, and then dip in in a small Dixie cup of sugar :) Delish!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Seasonal Spotlight: Rhubarb
4/30/09 04:36 PM

Yum! AK raspberries are delicious!! Also, salmonberries are quite plentiful and a yummy alternative to typical berry pies.

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10/8/08 11:47 AM