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I recently made the moved from big city (Seattle) to much smaller city (Tucson) and have discovered many of the same things. Where in Seattle it cost more for rent, Tucson is cheaper, only about $200 a month cheaper on rent. However where in Seattle, I could basically get anywhere for almost for free, Tucson has terrible public transit, you are dependent on a car & its so spread out, it take 25 mins to get point a to point b (and no highway, except i10 which is on the south end of town). No jobs here and the pay is terrible. avg pay for someone with any kind of experience, 35K.

I had to chuckle at the comment about being a Recruiter from Bostonian. I am a Recruiter and i wish that was the case. Most places are still into the a Recruiter has to be onsite to be effective. I resorted to opening my own firm to drum up business. Also to be a Recruiter, most places, agencies and corp make you sign a non compete. So in a small town/city you are screwed if you want to make a move.

Big City To Small Town:
A Personal Cost-Of-Living Update

2/28/14 02:49 PM

WOW! I love your place (& your style). So awesome. Great job. :-)

Taryn & Sanford's Unflappable Abode House Tour
2/28/14 01:33 PM

Too bad, the original had such character, the after looks like something from Ikea.

Before & After: A Modern Nursery Staple on the Cheap
2/27/14 12:52 PM

I love doing this to my tomato paste, sometimes as I am cooking the oil down I will add some leftover red wine and stir it in. It really adds a depth of flavor to the paste.

Freezer Secret Weapon: Caramelized Tomato Paste Bon Appétit
9/28/12 05:30 PM