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PS: We have Breville toaster oven.

Pros: Wow, does it every work. Hubs uses it as his veg roasting, grilled meat finishing oven.

Cons: It takes up a lot of counter space.
It's a PITA to clean.
The casing gets very hot while it's on. Don't put anything melty or flammable next to or on it.

Upgrade-Worthy: 5 Cheap Household Items Worth Replacing (When You Can)
7/10/14 12:17 AM

I would say:

1. Vacuum cleaner (love our Miehle canister!)

2. Food processor

3. Kitchen knives

4. Yes, to high-use pots and pans

5. Power drill <-- just get a good one, people. Do it. You'll be using that thing all the time. I swear.

6. Totally agree on the luggage, if you're a traveler.

Not worth the expense:

1. Everyday plates (we got ours from IKEA -- enough to host 20 ppl. They're white, classic, mix and match with any fancy heirloom serving dishes.)

2. Everyday glasses and wine glasses (for wine, we went with Spiegelau, rather than Riedel. I can and often do break the pretty, delicate Spiegelaus and don't have to worry about the expense of replacement)

Upgrade-Worthy: 5 Cheap Household Items Worth Replacing (When You Can)
7/10/14 12:14 AM

Love duvets. They're our linen of choice. We buy expensive-ish eider pillows and a medium-expensive mattress.

Our linens are simple and inexpensive, with our favorites from IKEA.

We get simple white for the master, which goes with everything. For the girls, all three beds get white with little pink roses print (they say it also goes with everything :)). And all the duvets in the house are the same size: Queen. No need to carefully fold and identify the size.

We don't use a flat sheet. We just wash the fitted and the duvet cover and we're good to go. Making the bed takes 1 minute, if that.

On The Problem With Duvet Covers
6/30/14 04:36 PM

I'd say yes, bring' em over. Primarily because I've been in the friend's all-packed-up and no-place-to-go situation! I'd hope my good karma pays me back multi-fold! (And even if it doesn't, can't you empathize with the moving mama? Yes, yes, I can.)

The only reason I'd say no, I think, is if I were expecting company later that evening and I had to keep a tight schedule to clean, cook, prep.

To Playdate or Not To Playdate When Your House is a Mess?
6/30/14 12:09 PM

I find the kitchen lovely! The wood floors add warmth, and, ooh la la, the Carrera marble is divoon!

One thing I'd have a very, very hard time giving up is the practicality of all the "before" storage space. We have a smallish kitchen, as well, and our #1 goal was and still is to maximize storage space!

For someone with this kind of kitchen layout who also desires max cabinet space, could cabinets with glass on both sides be installed to replace the sight-blocking solid wood ones in the before pic? Or is that just too visually messy?

Before & After: A Compact, Updated Kitchen for a Family of 5 Professional Project
6/30/14 02:20 AM

Something I wish, wish, wish we had is higher ceilings... I can handle small footprint so long as there is airy-ness!

Small Cool...With Kids? Yes, You Can. Kids Spaces from the Small Cool Contest
6/30/14 01:49 AM

Very pretty!

Nervous about the garland over the crib. Do not recommend after 6 months. You don't know when a baby can stand up until they do it. That's a major strangulation hazard, or will be... no?

A Modern, Beach-y Nursery Professional Project
6/30/14 01:43 AM

Wow. That was pretty stupid, IKEA. The site was actually PROMOTING you, and did it well, entertainingly, and organically. Way to shoot yourself in the foot and cause all manner of bad press. :(

IKEA Issues Cease & Desist to IKEAHackers Design News
6/17/14 03:53 PM

For our kids, ages 3 and 6, we're starting slow:

1. Ask to be excused before you leave the table, then clear off your place settings and bring into to the kitchen.

2. Shoes lined up neatly at the front door *or* in shoe box in bedroom. Don't know where your shoes are? Don't ask me! Look in the two designated places!

3. Clothes off the floor and in the closet (clean) or on a door hook (clean enough).

4. Everything in its place--art ottoman; toy ottoman; toy bins--or else it goes on vacation or to donation!

For us adults, we're struggling with the following:

1. Dealing with paper right away (mail, school information, children's artwork)

2. Storing occasionally used bulkies right away (holiday; folding tables/chairs)

If I were a stay at home parent, I'd have our adult #1 and #2 under control!

6 Dumb Household Rules You Hated Growing Up, but Now Totally Understand
6/16/14 07:03 PM

Ha, rather than be lazy, I looked it up myself. This is what Noosa says about itself:
"We’re proud of the fresh, locally sourced, high quality and all-natural ingredients that go into making Noosa Yoghurt so good. But, to be clear, Noosa Yoghurt is not organic. We realize this is a complex topic and we’re committed to be completely honest and transparent. While all the ingredients we use are GMO free, we cannot guarantee that all of the feed for our dairy cows is completely GMO free. Also, our all-natural honey is produced following best practices by Beeyond the Hive. It is impossible to know the certification of the various flowers and plants each bee has visited."


Noosa Yogurt
6/16/14 01:35 PM

I think I've decided to spend most of my extra grocery $$ on organic, organic, organic. Dairy, plant products, meats, and prepared meals. Is this organic? Tnx!

Noosa Yogurt
6/16/14 01:33 PM

Cherylbuttons -- I use a French press, and it suits supremely-lazy me just fine. At the end of the day, I scoop out the cooled grounds with my hand and put them in the compost bin. Then rinse the container and press and I'm pretty much done. Takes maybe... 15 seconds? I don't feel the need to wash it after ever use, but I can plop it into the dishwasher, no problem.

Ratio Coffee Machine
6/12/14 06:42 AM

I moved three times in seven months with a husband and a child. That tested my organizational skills!

1. Yes, reduce. And reduce and reduce and reduce. I become incredibly unsentimental when it's moving time! Old crib, gone! Etc.

2. Organize before you pack. I found the best thing I could do was to put everything in its appropriate place in the house BEFORE I packed. Tools scattered around the house were put in the tool box. Shoes here and there were all in the closet. Christmas decorations tossed here and there in the garage and attic were all consolidated. Wrapping paper and bows were all put in the right place. Etc.

3. Pack (and store) according to how you *use* things. E.g., coffee maker, bean grinder, and filters all get packed together.

4. "First day" box is brilliant--might I recommend for this purpose you use your suitcases for as much as you can--clothes as well as hardware? Suitcases tend to be easy to find amid a gazillion boxes, and they scream "use me now." Pack travel toiletries, phone charger, the works.

5. Label, label, label. Room and contents go on the outside of the box. Recommend writing contents on at least two, if not three sides (front, back, top). Stock up on a lot of fat-tipped butcher markers for this purpose. Not a bad idea to color code by room with sticker labels, if you have the time.

Smart Tips for People Who Move Frequently
6/12/14 06:31 AM

Nice to see some attractive tile options. In some parts of the (hot) world, tile is useful, but I usually some pretty ug-lee stuff, the ubiquitous white tile squares with dark grey grout. I think of unattractive Hawaii, Florida, Arizona condos when I see it.

My inner snob is coming out.

Unexpected Flooring: Tile in the Bedroom
6/3/14 04:12 PM

I'm lucky to live in a relatively bug-free zone!

My tips for (a certain kind of) summer entertaining are:

1. Open up your home to as many people as you feel comfortable hosting. In my opinion, the bigger the better. Open house, come-and-go parties, neighbors included, where everyone brings something for the cooler are great.

2. Have a start time, but keep the end time open. Let guests linger, come and go, as they please.

3. If you and/or your friends have children, designate a playroom/area and offer at least one semi-organized activity. Maybe screw on the hose and start some sprinkler action! Make a gigantic batch of home-made bubbles and let them figure out how to make bubble wands. Get a piñata. Offer pieces of giant cardboard with poster paints, glue, stickers, whatever. Go crazy, kids. And let your mama and papa enjoy the sparkling wine, 'kay?

4. Music. Don't be afraid to get up and dance. Americans might be the land of immigrants, but man, we sometimes forget how our ancestors danced on a whim. Somehow most of us got all repressed about dancing. Just do it. On the grass. On the sidewalk. In the garage. Whatever.

5. Make-ahead food. Cooked then chilled salads (e.g., potato salad and others--epicurious is a good place to start). That way you can enjoy your party.

6. Trash can stations: Mark your bags Recycling, Compost, and Trash (if you differentiate). Hopefully ppl will do the right thing.

7. Holiday lights. Might as well use them twice a year, not just once. :)

5 Tips for the Perfect Summer Party Apartment Therapy Video Roundup
6/2/14 01:45 PM

If I had $400+ to spend on a gift for a coffee fanatic, and I was looking for "the best" -- I suppose this would be on my list. But for me, personally, my cheap-o French press still lights my fire every morning. :)

Ratio Coffee Machine
6/2/14 01:32 PM

Were the decorated classrooms new to the kids and therefore distracting? Kids get used to their new environments pretty quickly, but it might take a week.

Do Sparse Classrooms Help Kids Learn? Design News
5/28/14 03:17 PM

Although I do not buy my daughter Barbie dolls (save once, for her birthday), I do allow her to save up her money to purchase her own. The local (as in, two blocks from school) consignment shop carries them now and again, and she loves to pop in to find them for around $2 each. For us, a fairly reliable bargain that my 1st grade daughter relishes.

What's Your Best Bargain Kids' Room Find?
5/27/14 06:39 PM

I have a galley kitchen now--pretty small, I'd say. Before then, in my single days, I had a half-galley, it was that small! My approach was to go up, up, up! I created more counter space and storage using this ingenious IKEA Stolmen system:

It was wonderful! It went up easy, came down easy with minimal damage to ceiling... wowie. Great idea, great design. I put some inexpensive mirrors behind it on the wall to make everything feel bigger.

How I Maximized Storage Space for Kitchen Tools in Our Small Apartment Kitchen Organization
5/23/14 08:49 AM

Wowie! With a view like that, I'd be inclined to maximize the vista, and not break it up with bunched up curtain panels between the windows. So what I'm saying (badly) is, a single curtain rod across the top! Maybe get some top-down and bottom-up two-way shades, too? So you can better control light and cross-building peeping.

Should Single Curtain Rod Span Wall of Floor to Ceiling Windows? Good Questions
5/20/14 07:56 AM