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I live in the "OC" in CA and have for the past 36 years. My secret-forever-dream is to be able to live as a local in France and soak up the culture and architecture and experiences and to be able to see Europe close up - but because of my beloved 20-something's sons, I want to stay in their proximity and to be able to watch their lives unfold as much as I can.

Where is that place in the western half of the US where people are real, architecture is noteworthy, arts and culture are a priority, an artisan mentality prevails, a sense of true community exists and is cultivated, a safe environment, and the weather is not crazy? (we are going on 3 continuous months of major heat and I am so over it right now) Is it like that saying in the ad agency - you can have cheap, fast, and good. Pick two? I think I am getting ready to spread my wings and try something new - I can feel it. Does this lifestyle exist aside from my long wishlist? Maybe all of we posters should pool our resources and start our own community. : D Count me in.

Living In The Most Expensive Cities:
How Long Can We Keep This Up?

9/28/12 02:56 PM