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One of these days we'll actually be able to get through a tour that includes taxidermy, hides, etc. without people commenting about how much they dislike them. Not everyone has the same design aesthetic or taste. Get over it. Every single house tour featuring one of these items gets multiples comments about it. I mean, I hate lace and royal blue, but I don't go out of my way to comment about it every time I see it. Some people don't like taxidermy. We get the picture already, no need to tell us AGAIN.

On a different note, what a beautiful house! Great use of space and color, and the outside areas are fantastic.

Peggy's Bohemian Beach Home House Tour
2/21/14 03:31 PM

You must tell me where you got that print of Pee-wee's bike in the nursery.

Gorgeous house! Great blend of style, humor and individuality.

Kelsey & Mike's Comfortable and Quirky Home House Tour
8/26/13 03:10 PM

The Anderson Japanese Gardens in Rockford, IL (about 60 miles NW of Chicago) are 14 acres of really beautiful, tranquil landscaping. They were even named finest Japanese garden in North America by the Journal of Japanese Gardening. The designer, who also created the Portland Japanese Garden, has spent over 30 years perfecting every inch of the space, and it shows.

Personally, I like to go there with my nephews to feed the bajillions of koi in the numerous ponds - they just can't get enough of those darn fish!

Best of the Best: 10 Gardens to Visit Across the United States
6/6/13 02:31 PM

What a fun, colorful house and completely adorable baby!

Where is the swan mobile in the nursery from?

Lizzie and Phil's Bold and Playful
West-End Pad House Tour

5/14/13 02:51 PM

Oh man, those herringbone floors. I die.

Ralph & Julie's Spacious Altbau in Berlin House Tour
4/25/13 03:12 PM

I grew up in Rockford, IL and, while it has it ups and downs just like any city, it makes me sad to see it on this list year after year. My dad actually just sent me a link to one local company's video response, which I think is pretty genius.

I also went to college in Milwaukee and have lived in Chicago ever since, and I love both those cities, so I think that list is a bunch of hooey. Take that, Forbes!

Top 20 Most Miserable Cities in America Forbes
3/14/13 02:44 PM

Friday Night Lights! Everyone I know who watches the pilot - even those who have zero interest in football - immediately gets hooked. Definitely one of my top shows of all time, with one of the most satisfying series finales ever.

Sleep, What's That? The Five Most Addictive Shows on Netflix
12/3/12 11:43 AM

As someone who has been a guest in this home, I can say that it's an absolute blast to wander from room to room exploring all of the eye-catching pieces. Each new wall or nook presents you with another collection to pore over, and you could probably go back many times and still find something that you'd overlooked before.

No matter your style, I feel like anyone who stepped foot into JoAnn and Dan's home could immediately sense the joy and love that went into collecting every single piece in this house. A place full of items and memories that are treasured is always in fashion.

JoAnn & Dan's Creatively Collected Home House Tour
11/1/12 04:05 PM

I love this house, and I would pay so much money for that entertainment center - I've been looking for the perfect one for ages. Now, all I need is laser and some artistic skill...

Eve & Skylar's Everything Handmade Apartment House Tour
9/28/12 11:40 AM