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I have a huge problem with thinking cell phones are "mandatory." If they are so valuable for keeping in touch with your kids and/or keeping them safe how can they possibly be "withheld as a punishment that works." If I'm that worried that I'm going to lose my 12 year old in a mall you can bet I'm not taking it away when he talks back to me. We survived many many years with rules like be at this location at this time or home by dark. Kids can live without cellphones. I find it disturbing. Kids are checking out, have too many distractions, sensory overload. And then we wonder where ADD and drug abuse comes from.

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9/2/08 08:15 AM

I'm in the minority but I don't like it at all. I'm all for a red door and red accessories (like a mailbox). I just never feel like the garage door should be the focus of the house. Painting the door won't be enough to balance it, the red garage door will dominate the space.

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7/1/08 11:22 AM

I spread a thin layer of mayo on the salmon and sprinkle with lots of lemon pepper. Then I grill it. It's so simple and tasty.

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6/19/08 12:52 PM

I use curtains on just the bottom half of the windows. That way we still get plenty of light in the day and views are blocked. A tension rod looks like it would work well with your window. In my case I used standard curtains, mine were from Urban Outfitters and hemmed them to the length I wanted.

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5/22/08 10:14 AM

Can you share the paint colors you used? I especially like the bedroom color.

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1/30/08 11:35 AM

Oh shoot, I wanted to add, in case someone comes back these many months later that moving electrical hookups for lighting on both sides of the mirror is really expensive. I don't understand how a single globe would look better. I think it would look silly with a single globe sitting there on top of the mirror.

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12/27/07 05:12 PM

Oh my gosh, this is me. This was done for a quick renovation to sell the house. I didn't want to replace the sink because I happen to like the old sink and skirts for that matter. I grew up with a sink skirt so they are nostalgic for me. The color is BM Barley which comes off a little more golden in person. I don't think it's bad for skin tone since it has golden undertones. The original color was very dark and though I love dark colors it just washed out the room. I used a super cute Parisian themed shower curtain over by the tub that pulled the room and colors together. The tile IS extremely hard to clean but vintage looking and adorable. Also, we left the "hideous" carpet in the master bedroom because it was an addition and didn't have hardwoods under it like the rest of the house. We were on a budget and felt that the new owner could put in what they wanted, hardwoods or new carpet, I even priced hardwoods and a neat industrial carpet but felt in the end they should make their own choice. I did have the carpet professionally cleaned. The house did sell at our full asking price so I guess we did something right.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Flickr Finds : Bathroom Renovation - Before After
12/27/07 05:09 PM

I think it CAN look dated but not necessarily so, coming from someone with dark chocolate brown walls and aqua accents. I say go really dark with the brown and really ice blue with the blue. That way it won't be so obvious. Think BM Bittersweet or I used BM Fresh Java. I also used BM Gossamer Blue in my kitchen (right next door). I don't think it looks dated at all. I think maybe use BM Ocean Air with it (it's lighter and more icy since you'll be using them in the same room together).

This photo shows how the colors go together (Gossamer Blue & Fresh Brew).


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12/11/07 02:41 PM

Just wanted to second the full content RSS feed. I'm not going to click on every single post and then expand the post and then go back to read the next post. I read a lot of blogs and just want to chug through them. If the post is interesting I'll click over to leave a comment. I'm really bummed about this, I'm afraid I'll miss something below the cut but I just don't have the time to keep clicking over, it takes too long. Half the time there's like a sentence below the cut and so much time is wasted, it's very frustrating. I miss the way it was, it was so perfect, and the posts were really great.

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12/4/07 05:38 PM

Just a complaint about having to expand entries, I find it extremely annoying and really most likely won't read the full entry, it takes too long to open fully then go back to read the next entry. Also when reading on my feed it doesn't even show anything that let's me know I'm missing half the post. I was curious why there was no link to Camilla Engman which is why I clicked to leave a comment and realized half the post wasn't on my feed, again part of the annoying expand post, which will make me miss half the blog. Thanks.

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12/4/07 05:23 PM


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12/3/07 12:56 PM

Please, please, please pick me.

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Two of my non-working fireplaces have that same small tile and all of them were painted over with white paint. They also have cracks and concrete patches but painting them disguises it. I caulked all the cracks and repainted with a brighter white. I like it. This might sound hypocritical but because it's old, I don't think it should be replaced even if it's painted over. Painting it stills keeps the charm and later if someone wants it back original they can strip it. Putting in new tiles will modernize it and take away from the charm.

http://flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=511230303&size=l (this one really shows the cracks and patches)

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: What Should I Do With My Fireplace?
11/21/07 02:23 PM

I don't know how closely related these are to earwigs but I had a massive earwig problem in a bottom floor garage apartment (built on a slab). It was an unseasonably wet fall and we tried everything including eventually ripping up the carpet and putting down tile, sealing everything and exterminating (exterminating did absolutely nothing). I had a dehumidifier, I was scary neat, with nothing on the floor (obviously). The only thing that finally seemed to get rid of them was winter and less rain. The tenants after me have had no problems.

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11/15/07 08:30 AM

I think this one is my favorite. Can you please list paint colors and information about the print in your hallway. So cute.

Apartment Therapy - #34- Elizabeth's Color Moods
10/24/07 08:49 AM

Well Aulaire, that's what I was trying to do with it so thanks. And it's super comfy.

Apartment Therapy - #10 - Lorie09's Traditional Wake Up Call
10/22/07 02:05 PM

I like your apartment but I think it's suffering from 2 things, lack of color and nothing eye catching. Everything is very neutral and all your furniture and accessories are very standard, small and boring. I think you need to add color. I like your red poster and I think you should use that as a starting point. Get it framed so it looks special. Paint the green table red. Paint your desk and shelf red. Change your bed linens to something with color. I like the idea of adding feet to your dresser. I think you can buy feet at any home improvement store, like lowes. I'd go a little more fancy with knobs and check out Anthropologie. I'd also look for some sort of accessories at Anthropologie, something you really love, even if it's a jewelry box or a nice frame. I'd get rid of your white rugs, they aren't doing anything for the space. I'd hang curtains, maybe sheers unless you want less light. You have some clutter issues too. Maybe some nice boxes to hide CDs in or something. You need some nice lamps. Check out TJ Maxx or Target, get something special with color, not some standard every house lamps. I think you should paint the wooden part of your bed white and/or use a bedskirt or get a new bed that has a headboard. Stop buying white stuff and don't buy anything else unless it's very special to you. Special pillows, special comforter, special throw blanket, special mirror, special boxes, everything should matter and be lovely.

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10/16/07 09:03 AM

In the kitchen I used BM Gossamer Blue

Apartment Therapy - #10 - Lorie09's Traditional Wake Up Call
10/16/07 08:48 AM

Hi St@cy, I don't like my sofa either. I bought it in 1994 and I wasn't sure then about it but it was on sale in my favorite store and my mom peer pressured me. It's very hard to replace a sofa or even get new slipcovers made (expensive). Every time I hear someone say always buy a neutral sofa I think yes, always! That's one of the reasons the walls are red, to hide the sofa. Though I do hear, chintz in making a comeback. And it is this substantial linen which is quite nice.

The art in the dining room and 4 other pieces throughout the house are actual art pieces my husband bought before he met me. They are painted by Israeli artist students or something. They copy famous prints but are actual art and do differ from the original. They are not prints. If they were prints I could get rid of them. My husband loves them so I display them with honor.

Picture of sideboard: http://flickr.com/photos/lorie09/1555319061/

Apartment Therapy - #10 - Lorie09's Traditional Wake Up Call
10/12/07 02:26 PM

The purple I used in our bedroom is BM Shadow. It's this super dark blackish purple.

I don't have a source for the clock. I searched online for something and couldn't find anything.

We haven't been on the candlelight tour, probably because I just finished the last room in the house recently, I think that tour is during Christmastime, and now it's on the market to sell. We did get married in the dining room and have had a few parties (Christmas, Oscars) at out house. It's a great house for entertaining.

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10/10/07 08:05 AM