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I do love this idea, though, and if I ever reveal around Halloween again, I'm stealing the idea! :)

Another Little Pumpkin: Creative Pregnancy/Gender Announcement
11/7/11 08:56 PM

Don't know gender yet (I'm just over 14 weeks), but announced the pregnancy on Facebook by posting a photo of me wearing a maternity skeleton shirt (it has a baby skeleton on the belly).

Another Little Pumpkin: Creative Pregnancy/Gender Announcement
11/7/11 08:55 PM


Colored Book Table Clock
8/24/11 03:30 PM

We bought a La-Z-Boy rocking recliner and picked out a great melon (orange) fabric. I'm sure you can find a store near you where you can order any model (I assume they make gliders, but love my chair) in any of their fabrics. Ours ran around $600...

Affordable Alternative to this Glider?
Good Questions

8/5/11 04:43 PM

I think the storage boxes are from Ikea. I have them; they're great!

Pinsuda's Studio Space
4/14/11 10:25 PM

Yay! How great! I'm setting up a playroom for my nine-month-old in just about a month...and on my to-do list was to figure out how to make this... :)

Make An Awesome Over-Sized Abacus
Anything Pretty

4/13/11 10:00 PM

maybe someone already mentioned this, but i'd put an over-the-door set of hooks and hang scarves or sweaters or whatever on it.

How To Hide An Unused Door?
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3/25/11 12:21 PM

I think it's adorable! My LO has worn outfits more expensive, so I think the price would work for us. :)

Din Din Smart Stainless Bus Platter

3/8/11 04:49 PM

Pen and paper seems the easiest, really. Simple to share with any caregiver.

Tracking Medications
Good Questions

1/11/11 02:58 PM

where in the US is it wednesday?....:) i think someone is ready for turkey!

Holiday Giveaway: Today's Gifts, Tomorrow's Previews
11/23/10 10:52 PM

i like the look of punched tin. i think a mirror framed in something like that would be cool.

Apartment Therapy New York | Roundup: Updated Southwest Western Style
6/27/09 12:44 PM

i love the stripes and colors, but nearly six feet long isn't comfy when you're taller than six feet! :)

Apartment Therapy New York | Summer Lounger: Get Ready to Relax
6/27/09 12:35 PM

my mom had six kids in less than nine years. (no multiple births.) i love being so close in age with my siblings. we now range in age from 33 to 24, and have such great relationships.

i hope to have my kids close together. i think it's recommended in the medical literature to have 18 months between pregnancies. with ecological breastfeeding, it's very natural to space kids out.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | The Right Way To Space Siblings (For You) Parenting.com
6/19/09 01:12 AM

Nice post. I keep a bowl by the door that hold giftcards and coupons. We stash work receipts in an ice bucket that would never otherwise be used. Laundry trash (lint, used dryer sheets, etc) gets thrown in a shiny tongue depressor container.

Re-purposing is always a fun idea!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Catch-Alls for Your Entryway Repurposed from Household Objects
4/17/09 10:54 PM

um, thanks for correcting my grammar?

Apartment Therapy New York | Green Style: Olle Lundberg's Water Tank Pool
4/17/09 10:48 PM

i've swam in stock tanks before. i thought it was just white trash!

Apartment Therapy New York | Green Style: Olle Lundberg's Water Tank Pool
4/17/09 07:04 PM

we registered for mikasa parchment. i originally wanted the parchment blue, but our local store never had it in stock, plus the regular parchment was a little cheaper (meaning i thought more guests would buy it...and they did...we got every piece we registered for).


Apartment Therapy DC | Searching For: Neutral Dishes with Interest
4/2/09 05:06 PM

yay for the colored pyrex! my mom bought several sets at various antique stores to give to each of us when we moved out.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Roundup: AT's Best Products for the Kitchen
3/26/09 09:56 PM

yay! my Mexican hubby and I love Fiestaware!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | New Color and a New Shape for FiestaHome and Housewares 2009
3/24/09 10:39 PM

i'm not in austin, but oklahoma is close enough, right?

my husband and i live in a converted garage, and we need the cure to get more organized and have our place be more cozy!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Spring Cure 2009: Discussion Board I Austin
3/19/09 06:56 PM