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i admire the effort but can not help but agree wih many of the comments regarding practicality. also, i seem to be the only one to notice that part of the less cluttered look is becuase the dish drain has been removed from the 'after' picture. wtf? so you now never intend to wash dishes again or are you just going to dry them one at a time and put them away directly? i don't understand how making something high maintenance is in any way an upgrade.

Before & After: Rental Kitchen Gets an Adorable Update
9/26/12 10:33 PM

i don't get it. replacing a commercial grade under counter sub-zero or summit with a ge pos? changing out the entire counter and sticking with that absurdly small sink that you can barely wash a cup in? and don't get me started on those salty fishnet glob light fixtures... is this an apartment or a galley on a riverboat?

Before & After: Laminate Countertop
Goes Concrete!
Kara Paslay Designs

9/26/12 10:22 PM

winning the state lottery is easy too, all you need to do is guess the correct numbers.

Sources for Wassily (& Wassily-Style) Chairs
9/26/12 10:06 PM

Not sure you should be braging about the fact that you lack the ability to appreciate beauty... or that you are a member of the target audiance for Bloomberg's anti big gulp law.

Sources for Wassily (& Wassily-Style) Chairs
9/26/12 10:06 PM