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I find the temperature of the water doesn't really matter.. dip in it and use your hand to moisten the edges. Don't let it stay in long enough to get gummy. Lay it down on a towel, then softly pat off the water with another towel.

I always fill them with a load of toppings. Pile them on top of each other in a horizontal line closest to you. When you're ready to start rolling, make sure your first fold over is tight. After the second roll, tuck in the edges towards the middle so no filling falls out. Then one more tight roll finishes it off.

4 Tips for Rolling the Perfect Spring Roll Tips From The Kitchn
3/1/14 11:15 PM

In my opinion, the best ginger drink is a lacto-fermented one. http://wellnessmama.com/8945/natural-ginger-ale/ Something similar to this.

Just simmering some sliced ginger in water on the stovetop is nice too. Add honey to desired sweetness.

Look into Chaga.

Sweet or Savory Recipes with Lots of Ginger? Good Questions
3/1/14 11:04 PM

We buy water in those jugs as we don't like all the chlorine & fluoride in our tap water.. We had to pay $10 each for our jugs. If ever you don't want to continue swapping out for full jugs, just take them back where they originate from and get your money back.
We found 3 empty ones once and got some cash.. one bottle was from a different company though, so they wouldn't accept it.

Reuse Ideas for 5-Gallon Water Jugs? Good Questions
9/26/12 01:06 PM