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would it be possible to use the hallway adjoining the kitchen as a guest bedroom? you could sacrifice the wardrobe of bedroom 1 and create a new entryway for both the bedrooms. this would save the wasted space in the hallway - this new room would also automatically have a closet and bathroom attached. if this is too small, it can be extended as a L shaped room around the kitchen. i feel this will maintain the aesthetics of the place and save wasted area....

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12/17/12 08:51 AM

why not a mini bar - fit in a slim rack and vertical bottle holders, add lights and wallpaper - maybe even a couple of folded bar stools!

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11/5/12 09:47 AM

use this door elsewhere, anywhere but the bathroom...

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11/2/12 09:51 AM

in which parallel universe would someone spend 100k on this? Who would fantasize about a gift like this? Neiman Marcus is grossly out of touch with reality - this borders on the psychotic!

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10/17/12 12:08 PM

nice effort, but what about the missing trim?

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10/17/12 09:39 AM

Its pretty, but in a very cloying way.

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10/16/12 09:07 AM

i love this shade of yellow, can feel the endorphins releasing...

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9/28/12 10:05 AM

an accent wall with an electric shade of blue / turquoise. the curtains could do with a trim of the same coulour

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9/26/12 10:10 AM