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Shame on OZ Moving & Storage for their lack of work ethic/ negligence. We thoroughly researched moving companies before moving from LA to Philadelphia. We chose OZ Moving because of the price and their extensive experience doing cross country moves. Let me say that I never write reviews but feel compelled to do so now since it's my only recourse and I want to save others the disappointment. Everything seemed to go beautifully on the LA end of the move but by the time things got to Philly it just got worse and worse. The trip took way longer than they assured us it would but was technically (fine print) in their ridiculously large window. They had 6 guys pack us in LA and only 2 unload in Philly and they were not that motivated if you know what I mean. We had to be on them all day encouraging them to keep it going. We unpacked the items that were supposedly packed with care "by OZ." These were the pieces of furniture and some extra large pictures in glass frames. OZ encouraged us to have them pack these items since they supposedly knew what they were doing. Just a sample, we opened the box that had the extra large format glass picture frames and the glass was SHATTERED, like heard of elephants ran over the box shattered. I feel that they were negligent in their packing considering they didn't even use bubble wrap, actually the only packing material I could find in a box was a wadded up plastic shopping bag in the corner. The corners of all our pieces of furniture were nicked and chipped. Since we didn't pay them $3,000 extra dollars for their "full value" protection plan, they only paid us .60 per pound for the damage. Yep, that's $9.00 reimbursed! (don't even get me started on the state of our dish pack packed glassware!) If we would have know that they were going to treat our possessions with such disdain, we would have made sure to have full insurance, but for that price we could have just gone with one of the big name movers and avoided all of this anyway. You get what you pay for, shady shady business.

OZ Moving & Storage
9/25/12 02:23 PM