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@Mangogirl that's wild to hear it drops your electric bill by 1/3!

There's also professional bubble wrap insulation:

You wouldn't put it on your windows but you can put it other places. It also has reflective radiant barrier foil to reflect the heat back at the source.

How To: Insulate with Bubble Wrap
1/29/13 10:58 AM

These are such creative ideas! I've had a hard time finding heavy duty milk crates. I'm hoping these will work much better since they're actually made to be used as dairy milk crates:

Reusing Milk Crates

10/1/12 04:23 PM

That image under the twin bed can't be real! It's so long. Here's a few other options for underbed storage boxes

Underbed Storage Containers
9/27/12 04:50 PM

There's something so nerdy and awesome feeling about a gorgeous craft room that's organized well. Here's a few of my favorite craft organizer containers: http://www.spacesavers.com/Storage/Crafts-Hobby

Getting Organized: Tackling the Craft Space
9/25/12 02:25 PM

I'm also a list maker! There's a sense of satisfaction in crossing things off when they're done. As an avid organizer, I've even started a site with plastic storage containers to help get people organized - I'd love for you to check it out http://www.justplasticboxes.com.

A List of Lists for Getting Organized in the New Year
9/25/12 02:23 PM

Those workshops are that helpful??? I must attend one. I don't think you can buy your way organized (it's about function!) but we just started http://www.justplasticboxes.com to help others get organized ... at least in terms of "stuff."

Getting Organized and What's Important
9/25/12 01:58 PM

You gave me an organizing epiphany - if things pile up or don't get changed (like the toilet paper), it's because it's not as simple as it should be. My kids' coloring pages from daycare tend to be the biggest offender. I thought I solved the problem by taking on a big organizing project using these clear containers from http://www.justplasticboxes.com to store all of our favorites (and I even put some colorful scrapbook paper on the inside of each kids identified "art box" to make them a bit more fun and stylish). So why do papers still pile up on the counter? The storage containers great for long term storage but they're not stopping that messy paper pile. I think I'm going to try some sort of drop box location or wall file organizer for these to hanging out in the meantime before they get sorted for the keepsake boxes. Thanks for inspiring a little more function in our home!

Getting Organized: The Big Picture
9/25/12 01:27 PM