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Great Article! I would also like to add a couple of points of my own! First of all, Clients have to etch in their brains that Interior designers are not "Wall paint choosers" and "furniture choosers"! If you want so, consult the pain shop owner directly! Secondly, We designers want to know your needs and design accordingly and not fit in the plan whatever you have "selected"! I have clients who come to me and say "so we selected the sofas and the beds from the furniture store, but they are sort of big for the house. Now you, find a place for those in the house and make them fit!" Somethimes I wish we had real-life softwares, where we can edit scale, paint, mirror the real life objects, "as per client's needs!" Lastly, Clients turn into villains when it comes to put their hands in their pockets and dish out the fees! ONE more time I hear"oh this was so simple, why should you ask for so and so fees! we could have done it ourselves!" Well, dear clients, It took us 10 years to learn how to come up with visibly "simple ideas" to design a place for the appropriate use! Now, Hands out of your pockets please!

Interior Designers: Reality Shows vs. Reality
9/25/12 01:01 AM