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Another great company that will definitely be on the Best of 2013 is They are based in Phoenix, AZ and everything is handcrafted locally. Their products range from a chess set ( the king's men $950) to candle stick holders ( prime $90) and steel garden tags ($40 - ). The newly opened shop at the UNION - Biltmore Fashion Park, is garnering a substantial amount of interest from the local media due to their parent company, The Construction Zone, ltd. and principal Andy Byrnes. The Construction Zone ( is recognized nationally for building unique Desert Modern Architecture.

Handcrafted Goods for the Whole House Best of 2012
12/21/12 09:56 AM

Here is another great fireplace tool set that is for those that love hand-crafted vs. store bought. Made locally in Phoenix, AZ by utilizing solid steel concrete stakes, natural leather handles and they are truly meant to last and to be used.

5 Sleek & Modern Fireplace Tools
9/24/12 05:08 PM