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What I'm noticing from those of us who LIKE open shelving is:

1) Most of us have a combination of open shelving and cabinets. Cabinets have their place and are just as useful.
2) We tend to be minimalists and end up with only items we use often, so we don't have a cleaning problem.
3) It gives an opportunity to show your personality, or opens the space, or some other design aesthetic that seems to vary for each person.
4) The photo in this post doesn't represent everyone. The nice thing about shelving in a rental is you can customize it to your needs.

Some safety tips if it's you're considering shelves: kitchen items tend to pack on a lot of weight. Invest in toggle bolts (that go into studs) or some other sure-fire connection to the wall so the shelves don't crumble down onto the floor. Place items all the way against the wall, so they're putting less force on the bolts. And when you're removing heavy items, don't press down as your dragging them. Lift up. Just thought I should share since I made some newbie mistakes in the past. :-)

Open Shelving: Love It or Hate It?
11/26/13 11:47 PM

I have some open shelves and love them - they're my favorite part of the kitchen. But I also have cabinets that I use just as much. Do what works for you. Our rental came with only 2 upper and lower cabinets, then we bought an ikea cabinet, and put open shelves above that. Only the top shelf gets dusty for me, since the other shelves are protected by the shelf above it. Perhaps this works better for open floor plans, because I've never seen the kitchen "grime" people are talking about, except on the stovetop. We tend to be minimalists, so everything we have gets used, unless it's for decoration. Then dusting it off the top shelf once in a while is no big deal.

My shelves have mason jars with dried products (very pretty), a fern plant, colorful ceramics, etc. I put pantry items, tupperware, and our cups/plates/bowls in the cabinets. I'd love to install another open shelf to hang or pots & pans. It feels clunky and dark storing them in the lower cabinets.

The post photo isn't the best example because you don't need to go that high. Unless it's out of necessity, then I understand. Like if you live in NYC and have loft ceilings and no cabinets, you might as well go up to save square footage. You can use open shelves as a chance to show your personality in the kitchen, but only if it's practical for your lifestyle and layout.

Open Shelving: Love It or Hate It?
11/26/13 11:14 PM

How about painting the fireplace a bright color? It could be a fun way of creating a focal point, and it's easier to repaint (than the whole room) if you decide to go with a different look in the future. You'd want to coordinate any artwork above the fireplace to go with it though. You can swap out different accent colors on top of your black & white look and it will be a different mood.

How To Add Color Oomph to Living Room? Good Questions
9/24/12 04:35 PM