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I believe TV has gotten more people interested in interior design, but they set up consumers for sticker shock--and designers like myself with the mountainous job of overcoming false expectations. I love the concept of bringing interior design to everyone, I just wish TV would present it realistically. Last I heard, nobody works for free, so why do they not include labor costs? It'd be better if they didn't list costs at all rather than give false impressions. Just as you can't always believe what you read, you can't always believe what you see, but try telling that to a homeowner who doesn't understand that a custom drapery costs so much more than the ready made curtain at Target or Pottery Barn. I understand TV's need to make a show entertaining and therefore leave out much of the reality, but if they choose to list costs, they should at least have a disclaimer stating "actual interior design projects involve labor costs as well as shopping at vendors not on the side of the road." For a similar post, see

Interior Designers: Reality Shows vs. Reality
9/24/12 01:58 PM