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Mike here, the creator of The Sky Scratcher. Bibliovore, as with any cat scratching post, it will become worn over time, even sisal covered wood. The Sky Scratcher was designed without the use of glue, adesives or staples, to allow for replacement 'floors' to be purchased down the line if the owner chooses to return to the original look. The goal is to keep your cats from destroying your furniture while keeping your decor more modern rather than cat playground-esque.

The Readers' Prize: The Sky Scratcher by Mike Estes Design Showcase 2012
9/30/12 03:29 PM

Amazing selection of judges! Just being #17 is an honor! Thank you AT!!

The Judges: Alicia Rosauer & Robert Segal, Jaime Derringer, Bradford Shellhammer DESIGN SHOWCASE 2012
9/23/12 07:14 PM