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@Puck -- Your post cracked me up. Pouring a concrete ROAD with automated placement machinery has absolutely NOTHING in common with concrete countertops, other than they both have Portland cement and water involved. It's a completely different set of skills required. Concrete counters cost $100/SF when done by professionals for a reason - it takes very specialized skills, and equipment, and a ton of experience, to come out with something that doesn't look completely amateurish. And that's whether you pour them upside down in forms (my preferred method) or try to cast them in place right-side up. Finishing, filling, grinding, polishing is the key to a professional job and trust me - it is NOT a walk in the park. Concrete is a finicky and unpredictable material that never does the same thing twice - which is why multiple experiences are key to a good outcome.

Simple and inexpensive material - yes indeed - but just wait until you try it. I've yet to see a DIY concrete counter that didn't LOWER the resale value of the house. Sometimes we can salvage them by laying tile or something over them - but usually they've gotta be demolished and replaced.

If you really want to build your own concrete counters - I'd recommend attending Cheng's 5-day training. Yes it's expensive, but even with travel and the cost of the course added in you'll still save 50% of the cost of hiring a pro. Next, I'd start with some outdoor counters and benches. That way if they're not perfect, no great loss. Learn from your mistakes and try again. I would not attempt the real thing in a real kitchen until I had built at least two or three previous projects. Finally - don't skimp on tools and equipment. Dime store trowels and such definitely won't cut it. Good luck.

Pouring Your Own Concrete Countertops
Tutorial By Splatgirl

9/23/12 06:26 PM