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Those rugs - I need them.

Yana's Globetrotter Home House Call
5/15/14 07:06 PM

I've been super lucky with mine! When I got it a year and a half ago, its trunk(stem?) was only about 6 inches and now its around 2 feet. I've had it in 3 separate apartments and has flourished in sunny spots. (I live in Washington, so sunny-ish)
Whenever I move, it takes a few weeks to start putting out new leaves, but it's consistently kept growing for the past 9 or so months. It also got traumatized when I repotted it but is doing great again.
Good luck! Try talking to it!

Can I Save My Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant? Good Questions
4/25/14 01:34 AM

In my last apartment, I had a 2 basin stainless sink and just plopped the drainer on the right side of the sink. We never let dirty dishes pile up too far, so we never needed the extra space. It was nice to get more counter and not have to deal with any slimy, drippy messes.

Instant Pretty: Store Your Dish Drying Rack On a Floral Tray (It'll Collect Drips, Too!)
4/25/14 12:33 AM

On the note of gender and decorating -
The notion that men shouldn't be allowed to be interested in what the home looks like is ridiculous. I'm sick of people teasing my boyfriend of 5 years when they find out that he has tastes and opinions about how we decorate our home. Both people really have to put themselves into their homes so it reflects themselves as a cool, happy couple instead of reflecting the dated gender divide.

A Good Tip For Creating a Home That Expresses Your Personality Comment of the Day
3/9/14 12:07 PM

Buying little things for people who are just starting out is...not always a great idea. My (almost) mother-in-law cannot stop buying things for us. Really nice things too! But it gets really awkward when she imposes her taste on us without consulting. Christmas and birthdays are fine, but not just "Oh, I got you and Kev some weird chalices that you will never ever use and are really unwieldily and large!" "thankssss"

Increase Your Happiness: 3 Ways to Be Generous to Someone Else's Home
2/10/14 09:34 PM

The Martha Stewart bag holder is pretty handy! I have one and I call it "the colon" for kicks.

Stylish Storage: 10 Smart Ways to Organize Your Pantry
2/7/14 12:51 PM

Damn girl damn.

Chris and Sam’s Elegant Family Duplex in Edinburgh House Tour
12/7/13 09:03 PM


Industrial Inspired Decor: Fill a Vase with Vintage Light Bulbs Sew a Fine Seam
8/27/13 05:42 PM

I really hate cleaning grime. I live with roommates and we don't do deep-cleans very often, so I really hate cleaning the dust and grime on the floor where it connects with the cabinet molding. This goes for the bathroom too. especially around the toilet.

Dusting I also hate because it makes me sneeze!

What's Your Least Favorite Household Chore?
7/5/13 07:35 PM

I intend to have my dog be the ring-bearer, actually. My wedding is going to be outdoors and extremely laid back, so I'd invite guests with well trained dogs to bring them if they want.

Real Life Tips: Including a Pet at the Wedding
7/5/13 07:25 PM

Thank goodness that spackle and my recently moved-out-of apartment walls were the same shade of white. I hung gobs of artwork and curtain rods up over a period of two years and the inspection lady said "Wow, you must have not hung vary many pictures!" I said "Haha...yeahhhhhh".

98 Screws: What's Holding Your Apartment Together?
6/24/13 02:24 PM

A quirky novelty item, but I would n-e-v-er want one in my house.

Fab Releases Warhol's Brillo Box as Pouf Design News 03.08.13
3/13/13 02:44 AM

In college, I had a roommate that was afraid of the dark, so she insisted on leaving a light on to fall asleep to. Which meant no sleep for me. I thought I could never live with another person until my next roommate who was amazing and considerate. I share a 2 bedroom with a friend now and she and I get along stupendously.
Being alone is alright for a weekend or so, but when I am left to my own devices I start...crying all the time? It's weird.

What's Your Criteria for Choosing a Roommate? Renters Solutions
3/13/13 02:36 AM

My boyfriend is into video games and if he ever wanted to start a collection all I would say is "ENNNN OHHH!" there is nothing worse than shelves upon shelves of stuff. If you have a collection, thats fine, just keep it put away somewhere.

This Is What 30 Years of Collecting
Video Games Looks Like (and It's For Sale)

2/22/13 04:05 PM

My boyfriend and I cook in every Valentines day. This year we made Pad Thai, which was good, but not restaurant perfect. I'm usually a bully in the kitchen, so I let the bf be the chef and I just helped out. It really gave him more cooking confidence.

5 Tips for a Date Night in the Kitchen
2/22/13 03:24 PM

E. Love it. BUT, the kitchen is soooo nice as it is.

Fill in the Design _____: Pick the Best Wallpaper for this Kitchen
1/18/13 12:51 AM

Love #9. Recipes are a great way to teach yourself how to cook, but they're really more like training wheels. I tell people "improvise! Trust your gut!", but it's really not helpful for people who don't have techniques down yet. (I just end up making people feel inadequate)

10 Simple Things to Make You Happier in Your Kitchen Weekend Meditation
1/11/13 08:23 PM

If only they stayed fresh and didn't get all sad and crunchy...I would cover my entire house.

Simple Ideas for Leftover Tree Trimmings
12/17/12 01:01 AM

If you have REALLY curious friends, try (also if you live in NY, it's worth a trip to the actual store, great hide rugs)

If you need just skulls there is always
I'm a skull collector myself, but not everyone likes to indulge me. Good post.

Curiouser and Curiouser:
Gifts Inspired by Curiosity Shops

Apartment Therapy Gift Guide 2012

12/17/12 12:58 AM

Cowhide rugs? In the kitchen? While I enjoy the style quite a lot, I really question how she keeps all those animal skins clean.

Susan's Adventure for the Senses House Tour
12/17/12 12:53 AM