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in north dakota, my brothers, their friends, the whole neighborhood of kids, and i built from salvaged wood dragged home from the coolies, a 3 storey shack in the back yard. my brother dennis named it the rendesvous hotel...the 1st storey had a living room and den, (with a "fireplace,") the second story was the infirmary/ nurse's station, and on the third storey was the insanely dangerous lookout tower... (good thing we had the nurse's station.) One night, my brother brian and i slept in the pits that were supposed to be the beginnings of our "basement"... they felt like graves...thankfully, our parents nixed the basement idea as soon as they discovered the "graves"... i loved growing up in north dakota. and all the freedom we had. although my "freedom" wasn't even close to what my brothers had... hanging out in the coolies and down by the river every day in the summer... as a homesick teenager living in boston, i found my home away from home, walden pond... henry david thoreau's stomping grounds... i spent as much time there as i possibly could, in any kind of weather. i totally get the desire to live in a little hut in the woods. right now, my chickens are the lucky ones...

Famous Writers' Small Writing Sheds and Off-the-Grid Huts
9/22/12 06:30 PM