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Wow... that fact that this is even a question baffles me. Where else do you put YOUR PERSONAL PHOTOS but in your home??? My home is my sancuary and it is in my sancuary where I put my personal photos. I love my friends and family but I don't care if they're weirded out or think it's "creepy". I have a long hallway off to the left of my entryway and I have black and white photos of my family...both form the yesteryears to today. All in black frames in various size.....and I always receive huge compliments about this hallway. Everybody always stops and look at the pictures on both walls. I never had anyone say anything negative about the "personal" pictures....and Sure my home is decorated for 'visitors" and not just for myself but I like to say the first reason I decorate my home the way it is, is for myself.....but if you come in and feel weird about my personal pictures that ok, too. you most likely wont stay long anyhow....and I mean that in a nice way.

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