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Wow, this is amazing. I wonder if I am crafty enough to pull this off though... hm...

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9/26/12 04:33 PM

A mid shade of grey would be great, but I bet it would go with a lot of colors.

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9/26/12 11:12 AM

I was thinking it looked like a bathroom from Alice in Wonderland or something.

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9/26/12 11:11 AM

I think this would really trick me in the morning when I am barely awake!

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9/26/12 11:08 AM

I'm a big fan of the all in coat rack/umbrella holder. And with multiple levels of the rack, you can easily put a hat above your coat, as to not damage it.

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9/25/12 01:54 PM

I really liked the lamp before but I like it now too. I think while you are making the change, you should also change the shade to a shade of grey!

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9/25/12 01:44 PM

The row of row of Hang-It-Alls is a nice design choice. I have only ever had one of these once, when I was in high school on the back of my door for my collection of hats.

Modern Classics: The Eames Hang-It-All
9/25/12 12:43 PM

You almost have to buy tables with this kind of base. It is hard to make a table on your own with this type of base. Though it is a pleasing design, I do feel as though I would worry about those chair breaking if your kids were a little rough with them.

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9/25/12 11:54 AM

I love my parent's convex mirror they have in their garage. It is a nice, finished garage/workshop for my father. If only I could put it in my kitchen instead. Maybe I will have to find one myself!

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9/25/12 11:49 AM

I have to use the wrap around the back of your neck headphones. The problem I have with ear-buds is that they are constantly falling out when I run. It would be nice to have buds stay in though because the headphone I use now cut into the top of my ear on long runs. I guess I can't have it both ways.

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9/25/12 11:47 AM

I love living in the Midwest. I have a 2 bedroom, 1100 square feet place for just over $900 and I'm just a few minutes from the city! I could not live in that space. 400-500 would be the smallest I could go if I had to.

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9/25/12 11:43 AM

Grey/Dark exposed brick walls are amazing. In the bedroom, it is even better, because you can match the paint fairly well without any effort and the end result is stunning. I also like that the room stays darker during sleeping hours.

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9/25/12 11:34 AM

That does look to be in a hard area to make changes to. Do you already have a pantry? I would think it would work well for food storage if you installed those swinging doors you talked about, or you could install sliding doors as well.

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9/25/12 11:28 AM

I took some left over floor panels from my parent's hardwood floor and made a table out of them. It came out great and the wood is perfect for a table top. The problem is, I didn't expect to like it so much so I just painted it black and sealed it. Within months, I was upset that I had not stained it instead. It would have made a good table beautiful as well, and I really don't want to go back and strip everything!

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9/25/12 01:55 AM

This is a superb design! I have been thinking about doing something like this, but with a desktop computer. the problem I have had in finding a design is the lack of access it would provide to the desktop once everything is in its place. This design would be a great start to that as well.

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9/25/12 01:49 AM

This is simply great! If I had an outdoor area that I could put that in, I would try to build it this weekend. I also really like the color of the glasses that are pictured. Everything together really comes off as a summer look.

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9/25/12 01:46 AM

First time poster! I think I will RSS the site! I especially like that there is a whole Wood working section!

This is one of the coolest things I have seen in a long time! We have used branches around the house in glass pots or even as a make-shift chandler once as decoration but never with any utility. I will have to look into what types of branches I can use from the trails around my house and get started on this one!

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9/25/12 01:39 AM