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My husband and I got married in November. I was 30, he was 31. We had a ton of kitchen stuff (at one point we had two KitchenAid mixers) but no cash and a lot of debt. We set up a honeymoon registry and made it really fun, so people could buy us drinks, massages, parts of a plane ticket, a tank of gas, a night in a yurt, daily coffee so we could "stay awake to do married people stuff," etc. We made it so there were $10 options and $100 options. I found that a lot of people wanted to buy us gifts and this gave them a fun outlet — where they almost felt like they were helping plan our trip. It helped us take a wonderful vacation to celebrate our marriage without going into even more debt.

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6/28/13 04:24 PM

My own, of course! While we embraced some trends, it was very "us." We opened the bar at 5:30, started the ceremony (which was not fully seated) at 6, and then went straight into the reception/barn party/buffet/concert. Instead of cutting a cake, we cut the pig.

Plus, nearly all of our vendors were friends. The friend discounts certainly helped save us money, but more importantly, it made the whole experience so much more intimate.

Also, is Apartment Therapy about to launch a wedding website?

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6/12/13 10:50 AM

I have a similar condition, but I call mine Design ADD. I wrote about it for Shelterpop a few years ago: http://www.shelterpop.com/2010/11/30/design-add/

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9/21/12 01:03 PM