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I have been to many of the greatest gardens all over the world including Lotusland. I promise you Lotusland is one of the very best of all the best.

Eccentric Souls & Gardens: Madame Ganna Walska's Lotusland
2/15/13 10:32 PM

Some who consider shopping at Lowe's might want to remember that in 2011 they caved to pressure from ultra right wind anti-Muslim groups to pull adds from the harmless tv show "American Muslim." Since I don't like religious discrimination or bigotry and have friends who are Muslim who are very good people I no longer shop at Lowe's. I know this doesn't matter to everyone but some people out there might want to know this.

Battle for the Best:
Closet System Shopping Experience

1/17/13 06:12 PM

I just checked and you can purchase Hermes pure glycerine soap and leather milk on their website. You don't need to travel to an Hermes in person. If your sofa is an authentic Borge Mogensen sofa and not reproduction it is worth the very best care that you can give it. If it is a poor quality reproduction a cheap leather care like lexol will do.

Share Your Smarts: Products & Practices for Vintage Leather Sofa?
4/17/12 06:36 PM

If you have an Hermes where you live you can purchase their line of very fine leather care products. Many woman even use their pure glycerin soap on their body (never on face as French woman never use soap on the face) instead of just on the horse saddle and bags. When you think about it our skin and leather are really the same thing just ours is still alive.

Share Your Smarts: Products & Practices for Vintage Leather Sofa?
4/17/12 06:29 PM

Too much gimmick. I think design moved passed the gimmick as generator of form at least ten years ago so these seem old-fashioned to me.

What The What? Furniture Made With Magnets?

1/15/12 10:35 PM

It is very dangerous to keep needles in the house. They can catch fire instantly and burn your house.

Don't Throw Out That Tree! Uses for Old Holiday Greenery
The Gardenist

1/5/12 12:58 PM

I can't decide what is more beautiful, Adir's smile or the gorgeous rugs throughout the house.

Adir & Marcello's Wordly Retreat Home
House Tour

1/5/12 12:53 PM

Also every person smiles in the photos. That automatically makes the person hottie.

House Tour Hotties
Best of 2011

12/27/11 09:35 PM

What is wrong with commenting that the owners of these beautiful homes are also beautiful themselves? It is incorrect to believe that you are born beautiful or not. Just like your home it is what you make of it and any person can be beautiful by what they make of themself by what they do, act, think, wear, surround themself with.

House Tour Hotties
Best of 2011

12/27/11 09:31 PM

This is a beautiful house with even more beautiful owners. Both the man and the woman. The Archers are a very good interior designer so they had the best professional design help of all.

Mara & Alex's First Home as a Married Couple
House Tour

11/28/11 04:58 PM

If anyone wants to buy or to just learn more I saw a Barbara Bestor is for for sale now in Silver Lake Los Angeles California:


If you read the Barbara Bestor book called Bohemian Modern you will see most of the homes in it are in Silver Lake Los Angeles.

Pietsie, Stephen & Charlie's Private Barbara Bestor Rental
House Tour

10/9/11 07:21 PM

It must feel like such an honor but also a heavy sense of duty to live in a house owned by Barbara Bestor. I will say you keep the house in a way that must make her proud to have you as her tenant.

Pietsie, Stephen & Charlie's Private Barbara Bestor Rental
House Tour

10/6/11 09:29 PM

John Coulter is a very famous male model so I wish he had more quality in his home. Z-gallery and Target brands are not quality enough to last.

John's Memory-Filled Miracle Mile Home
House Tour

10/3/11 11:12 PM

I don't know India Mahdavi personally but I do know about her work.

Designer Spotlight: Do You Know India Mahdavi?
9/30/11 07:31 PM

Stunning. And yes his apartment is too. I've noticed so often attractive people have attractive homes.

Samer's 1930's Streamline Moderne Apartment
House Tour

9/15/11 08:20 PM

I believe that those were most likely manufactured by Goodform (General Fireproofing Company) of Youngstown Ohio.

Anyone Recognize These Chairs?
Good Questions

8/30/11 09:39 PM

Dry Clean is really gross and not really clean.

The chemicals are recirculated from dirty business mans armpit stains to dress maybe even with fecal stains and then through your clothes and then onto next persons clothes. It is too expensive to use fresh chemicals for each laundry load plus the chemicals are toxic and not natural.

I highly recommend to only wash your clothes at home.

Did You Know You Can Wash Dry Clean Clothes at Home?
Whole Living

8/22/11 07:22 PM


Which Gardening Blogs Are On Your Must-Read List?
5/31/11 05:45 PM

That is a very sound argument redneckmodern. Quality and authentic is a better investment in many ways.

When Should You Splurge On the Real Thing?
3/31/11 02:07 AM

Buying knock off is stealing from the original designer and manufacturer. Why would you want second quality anyway? If you can't afford a new Eames chair buy a used one that will cost less than a new knock off and still be of number one quality.

When Should You Splurge On the Real Thing?
3/30/11 07:34 PM