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I know I'm the only comment, but thank you so much for posting listings in Detroit!

Detroit's Finest: Tall Boy, Souk Rug & Retro Dinette
8/23/13 01:20 PM

Call me crazy, but unless your boyfriend is a 10-year-old boy, he probably knows he's ruining his appetite for your home cooked dinners. I don't think snack ideas are the answer. Maybe time for a hard conversation.

After Work Snacks That Won't Ruin Your Appetite? Good Questions
5/8/13 01:06 PM

White walls make me feel a little anxious. Like there's still work to be done. In my own home, they feel clinical. But it figures, now that I just got a house of my own, the trend is for white walls, so when it comes to forward-thinking advice about how to paint with color, I'm out of luck. I've almost completely stopped looking at the home tours here and at Design Sponge because they're almost invariably featuring homes with white walls. Enough.

One Minute Tip: An Ode to White Walls Apartment Therapy Videos
3/10/13 05:17 PM

I'm not a morning person but I like to wake up early. I need a good hour of varied stages of idleness to fully come alive. I'll make coffee, read, or sometimes make coffee and then exercise. But if there's no time for reading in the morning at all, I always feel cranky and not quite ready for the day. I'll happily leave the house with dirty hair, but never without reading.

What's Your Morning Ritual?
1/4/13 09:25 AM

I love everything about that bed. And I love the darkness of it all - the colors, the floors. Very dramatic and old world glamorous. Wait, can you use that word to describe a bachelor pad? Also, if this is "masculine" design, that's what I want, all the time. Simple, not too much. Lovely.

Rob's Masculine Modern Condo House Tour
11/26/12 12:59 PM

I love all this color! I like the Scandinavian all-white aesthetic as much as the next person, but this speaks to me on a personal level. This is the kind of house you would feel at home in when you went to visit.

Christi's Creative & Crafty Austin Apartment House Tour
11/20/12 12:36 PM

I think you can skew the orange a little bit. I really love the pairing of a light, periwinkle blue with a cantaloupe or salmon color (maybe softened a bit). Or if that won't do, what about a nice rusty, russet red-orange with navy and accents of light grey or light blue? You could do the lighter color for the walls, with the orange and/or navy on the pillows or rug. I think you can make all the colors work together. I think you need a third color to tie them together. Something like these three:

Or some variation therein.

Adding Color To My Boring Living Room? Good Questions
11/20/12 11:31 AM

I love the look of dark teal with that color red. They're complementary without being too Christmas-looking. And then I might add in something with texture, rather than pattern, to go with the teal, like one of these:||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_--_-

Ideas for Pillows to Coordinate with Red Patterned Rug? Good Questions
11/13/12 04:42 PM

What is the pinkish paint color in the adjacent room?

I love how relaxing and feminine this all feels without being out-and-out girlish.

A Slightly Pink Portland Kitchen Kitchen Spotlight
11/12/12 06:51 PM

Play music that's good but sort of non-specific - either instrumental, like Django Reinhardt, or in another language, like Edith Piaf or other old French torch music. It'll set a festive mood but won't be too distracting in terms of conversation or genre allegiances.

Tell Us: What are YOUR Best
Party Hosting Tips?

11/12/12 03:39 PM

Taxidermy I've seen for sale on the Detroit Craigslist: A full lion rug, an elephant's foot stool, a wolverine, a moray eel.

At this point I just can't stop looking, even though I find it repulsive.

Tons of Taxidermy: Stuffed Owl, Deer & Alligator The Monday AFTERNOON Scavenger
11/12/12 03:28 PM

I would say we live in a benevolent dictatorship.

No, just kidding. Mostly, my husband claims not to care. But I get his approval on all major decisions because we're paying for our new furniture and decor jointly.

When we reach an impasse, I try to measure how meaningful the decision is to each person. Sometimes you get stuck in arguments about something and then realize you don't really care what shape the coffee table that goes in the office is. But to the other person, that might be something that they find more meaningful.

If you plotted it on an X-Y axis, X would be Strength of Your Opinion and Y would be How Much You Actually Care. So for instance, I might have a strong opinion about the use of the color red, but then realize that if it's for a room I won't spend a lot of time in, or my husband has a really good reason for wanting it there, that maybe my opinion shouldn't be weighed as heavily, or vice versa.

In the end, I think there are a multitude of paths to achieve an aesthetic that creates the mood you're going for. If one partner vetoes an option, move on to the next. Or leave it in the hands of the person who has a stronger, more concise vision.

Who Makes Decorating Decisions in Your Home?
11/7/12 03:21 PM

Similar to the Crate and Barrel table is this one from West Elm, in the $500 range (currently on sale):

We just had it delivered to our house last week. It's sturdy, it's beautiful...It says it seats up to 6 comfortably, but you could get 6 just around the sides, leaving 2 places at either end. I can't wait to have people over.

Dinner Party Perfect: Rectangular Dining Tables to Seat 8-10 Guests
11/2/12 07:51 AM

I think dark can equal glamorous just as easily as dark can equal masculine. I'm thinking film noir and women with blood red nails and curls of smoke and pops of shine. Dark is sexy and moody and cozy. If it were me, I'd throw in a lot of soft textures - a snuggly throw blanket, maybe a slightly fuzzy pillow or two, a plush rug - to balance out the stark colors. Ikea has some great mirrored sconces that hold candles, to continue that dark sexiness. And maybe add some pops of jewel tones - deep teal, aubergine, ruby red, dark gold - to bring a little more color to the room.

Can a Dark Color Palette Be Girly? Good Questions
9/21/12 09:41 AM