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We double check sites like for hotels for extra long trips, and check for short side-trips. (They have a roadtrip function if you look around). Also if we have national park passports (US) to stamp if we know we're going to be passing close by a national park.

Hotels have better (cleaner) lobby restrooms than rest stops if you have little kids, but the welcome centers on state lines really tend to be cleaner too, especially if they have staff to book tickets and such.

5 Tips for a Better Roadtrip
7/28/14 01:22 PM

Learn from my mistakes. Loft beds are cool until you have to nurse a sick kid in one.

15+ Uses for Tension Rods You've Never Thought Of
7/17/14 03:59 PM

Ikea has these cheap:

But you can search for Pedestal Sink Storage and there are many options out there these days.

Rental Woes: Why I Hate Pedestal Sinks
7/10/14 07:44 PM

$20 for a massive Disney princess themed Playhut tunnel set that retailed normally for $150, found at the distribution outlet. I thought it was just one tunnel at regular price and it turned out to be 4 tunnels, 4 tent squares and a larger castle square. 8 years later and still being played with. I just tried finding it online and it's nowhere.

What's Your Best Bargain Kids' Room Find?
5/27/14 08:52 PM

I don't have a photo but we had a house in our neighborhood with grey stone and siding and had Sherwin-Williams Portabello as the wood color. It was beautiful.

Paint Color To Coordinate with Stone on My Home's Exterior? Good Questions
4/3/14 10:09 AM

Is that a better solution than the inline heater? They both look expensive.

What's an Annoying Thing About Your Home?
3/30/14 05:52 PM

Thanks! I'll have to look into that.

What's an Annoying Thing About Your Home?
3/30/14 05:50 PM

Have you seen rain quiet? You can do a similar solution with a sponge:

My neighbor fixed their noisy gutter with rope and caulk. Basically you're giving the water an alternative way to get down the gutter, but you want to make sure that the material you use isn't conducive to mold.

What's an Annoying Thing About Your Home?
3/30/14 05:49 PM

We built a house, but neglected to notice that the hot water heater is on the side opposite of the master bathroom. The plan is that once we have the funds to finish the basement we'll be adding another one to our side of the house. It usually takes 5 minutes for the hot water to reach us in the morning. I only mention this so that you learn from our mistake if you're building.

What's an Annoying Thing About Your Home?
3/30/14 02:52 PM

Had a similar issue in an old, old house. The exterminator told us that mice set up in vacant houses next to hot water heaters, but he may have been just been bsing. I don't know, but I do know they were coming in through the electrical sockets. Steel wool should be fine. We did a combo of steel wool and spray caulk, but you may not be able to do that in a rental.

I had one of these and you would not believe how many it caught:
You just need to have a place to release them since it's a live trap.

Help! Mice Are Falling from My Ceiling! Good Questions
3/20/14 09:25 AM

Our Ergo baby carrier was awesome, but I would recommend anyone looking for a sling/carrier to hold off until your baby is born and try them out with your child. We went through 5 carriers before finding one that worked well for us. I liked the Ergo because it redistributed weight a little better than the Bjorn, and I could never get a sling to work the right way.

Also, if you're buying a stroller, hold off on that for at least 3 months. You will only use a carrier at first, and by then you'll know where you're going to be strolling. Check your terrain - you may find you need more of an all-terrain stroller than a simple Graco, which is great for malls, but less so for bumpy sidewalks. We found ultimately that a jogging stroller was more suited for where we lived, but ended up using the baby carrier so much more often. It was really just that much more convenient than lugging around equipment. It's a lifestyle thing, so you gauge how you think you're going to be and just run with it.

@dimitrithecat For useful gifts for first time parents? Diapers, diapers, diapers, and maybe onesies. The cute outfits are cute, but you use the onesies so much more often. Find out if they are going to be using cloth diapers or not, then you can splurge on cute ones, or splurge on expensive disposable diapers in various sizes. Newborns grow fast, so maybe a bag of those, unless the parents are pretty large/tall, then go ahead and skip to size 1. They'll grow into them eventually and you always need diapers.

Otherwise just spoil them with cute clothes. Don't get anything that has fussy fasteners. Babies need to be changed quickly and lots of buttons are the bain of new parents. Don't get shoes - babies won't keep them on so it's a bit of a waste.

Christine's List: Baby Items I'm Glad I Bought & Ones I Wish I Hadn't
3/17/14 05:11 PM

We built a house and the designer screwed us twice - once by putting the trashcan on the side of the kitchen opposite the fridge, but also (not really kitchen, but kind of kitchen related) the hot water heater is on the opposite side of the house from the kitchen/master bedroom. If I were to do it all over again, I'd want the source of hot water closer to the appliances that use it most.

Tell Us: What's Your Biggest Kitchen Design Mistake?
12/10/13 03:24 PM

Have you seen any of the ones people have stenciled? is your table, I think.

What's the Best Way To Refinish the Top of This Table? Good Questions
12/9/13 08:50 AM

They're not on the ikea web site anymore. So unfair.

A Fence Made from IKEA Beds Ikea Hackers
10/4/13 10:00 AM

In the US most pharmacies do this too (some do have a fee, so check first - most of the time if you ask they know where you can drop off for free), and many police departments will accept old medicines for free depending on your municipality. Communities will also host free disposal days, which are posted well in advance.

Tips and Tricks for a Clean and Happy Bathroom Apartment Therapy Video Roundup
9/15/13 10:10 AM

Do you know the name of the cream color on the wall? Is it a greenish cream?

Maurice's Built-In Style Small Space Small Cool Contest
5/7/13 11:35 AM

I'd be interested in finding out what you did to the structure that the TV is mounted on. Is it a wall? Is it a piece of furniture? What is it covered with?

Carmen's Small Space in Singapore Small Cool Contest
5/7/13 11:11 AM

Shared vacations. You don't always have to go visit the family or vice versa, sometimes it's nice to meet everyone somewhere cool. It doubles as great family memories and sitters when mom and dad need to get away.

Staying In Touch When Family Lives Far Away
3/4/13 09:58 AM

Where is that shower curtain from?

Day 16: Give Your Bathroom & Medicine Cabinets a Cleanout Apartment Therapy January Cure - Day 16
1/23/13 01:42 PM

Fab actually has some usb/outlets on sale right now from U-Socket, but you can pick them up at any home store. There are also options which plug into regular outlets without having to rewire, but honestly, it's not that hard.

Thinkgeek also has this plug hub thing which I'm hoping designers will pick up on and make prettier.

You have to strike a balance between design and safety when it comes to your electronics.

For cord containment, we're using a combination of Command hooks for cords (thank you 3m for finally making these available everywhere) and Ikea cord covers. I can't find a link to the Ikea thing, but it's basically grey tubing and it's at the end of the store in the lamp section. They always have some sort of version of it. You just cut to fit.

Liveblogging Day 15:
Nightstand Charging Station Liveblogging the January Cure

1/22/13 04:58 PM