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I live in Hyde Park (Obama's zip code), Chicago. My rent went up about 6.1% which is more than my raise was, is or probably will ever be. I am living in nicely rehabbed but tiny match-box one bedroom not even facing the lake. The rent here is going from $1145 to $1215. I am out in less than a month. Moved here for a huge $845 studio then forced to move because of constant repairs and construction in and on all three sides of my unit into a new expensive rehab that I could not afford, i.e., if I ever wanted to sleep--I work 2nd shift plus overtime. Hyde Park rents go up every year forcing constant turnover unless you are making $100,000 or more. Crazy. Or you can get a walk-up maybe with a less than desirable kitchen and bathroom and that rent will continue to go up there too. Ridiculous. Moving to cheaper but borderline crime infested neighborhood and take my chances until I can buy a condo. Pray for me.

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9/20/12 02:38 PM