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Great story, and those compositions tickle me a lot. More pictures, please?

Making a Store-Bought Dessert Special: My Friend Ian & His Cheesecake Platter
11/16/12 11:01 AM

As someone who uses loads of dark humor to get through the holidays, the noose truly appeals to me, ha ha. These DIYs that use natural materials and touchable textures, without demanding a huge commitment of time ... there could be something here to inspire everyone (except critics.)

Handmade Holiday: 10 DIY Garland Tutorials
11/8/12 04:00 PM

Give this book: "How to Sharpen Pencils: A Practical & Theoretical Treatise on the Artisanal Craft of Pencil Sharpening for Writers, Artists, Contractors, Flange Turners, Anglesmiths, & Civil Servants" by David Rees, with introduction by John Hodgman.

Coupled with a collection of supplies in a handsome case, such as unsharpened pencils (Ticonderoga and Dixon are good and easy to find), an apron, safety glasses or headband magnifier, sandpaper (220 or above), a pocket knife, plastic tubing, and shatter-proof tubes and caps.

And, if this is for a serious friend to whom you desire to bare your own biases and tastes, give your favorite manual pencil sharpener. For example, the Alvin triple-hole, dual-stage magnesium pocket sharpener would set even my calloused heart aflutter.

DIYers! Tell Us...What's On Your Wishlist?
10/31/12 01:59 PM

@HHRI, I could not have said it any better. HIGH FIVES!

What Do You Need to Live Like a Grown-Up?
10/12/12 02:51 PM

Kudos, Maxwell, that People published your observations and credits you as an authority on Style. (Which is something most of us here already knew.) Way to go!

I'm also amused that "the great indoors" is OUT (what?) and intrigued by a Rowling novel "fraught with passion, duplicity and unexpected revelations."

Not interested enough to buy a People magazine, necessarily.

What's In? What's Out?
Apartment Therapy & People Stylewatch

9/21/12 10:37 AM

LOOOOVE this. Thank you!

How to Top a Table with Zinc Sheet Metal VanHook & Co.
9/14/12 05:56 PM

Perhaps an intrepid hacker could assemble two OPEN signs to toggle between OPEN/NOPE. Heh. For when one needs to send a strong and unambiguous indicator. ;)

A New Take on Neon Signs
9/10/12 06:14 PM

I like the idea of a sign you can change the meaning of with a switch, as in a
(NO) VACANCY neon sign, or, to show my age and lack of taste, when Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman struck her HELLO THERE sign rendering it HELL HERE.


Any other ideas for dual-phase signage?

A New Take on Neon Signs
9/10/12 06:10 PM

Aw, Dan, you dodged a bullet, man. Because lemme tell you... a One that is not cold, is scarcely a One at all.

Why the Shape Of Your Beer Glass Matters The Economist
9/7/12 12:49 PM

@ELYSSAALBERT, I think @RURAL AND RUEFUL is saying your PayPal should be linked with an exclusive-to-PayPal bank account containing limited funds, enough to cover all expenses, and no overdraft protection, so that a reversal from PayPal cannot cause major loss of funds, overdraft charges, or a negative balance on your primary household account.

For the very risk-averse, caution dictates that the paypal-linked bank account should be at a different institution, to prevent a large PayPal transaction (or several) gone wrong from royally disrupting the household cashflow.

When I get paid for larger items sold on Etsy, I leave the funds in my PayPal-linked bank account for a few weeks until I feel reasonably sure the buyer is not going to throw me some jibber-jabber. When you search online, stories abound about headaches caused by con-man deceit achieved/attempted through the venerable PayPal.

6 Things You Can Do Today To Secure Your Online Identity
8/9/12 06:06 PM

Speechless also ... Gorgeous, fun, meaningful, uplifting, gracious ... oh yes. Thank you!!

Leila & Buff's Beautiful Beach Abode House Tour
8/2/12 12:35 PM

My friend keeps two lovely Silkie hens and she gave us some of their eggs, which were white, and slightly smaller (medium) than the eggs from her Buff Orpington hens (large, beige-shelled eggs).

The peculiar thing about her Silkies is that you have to PRY them off their nests. They sit placidly (stubbornly?) even while hands are reaching under them to retrieve the eggs.

What's the Deal With Black Chickens?
7/25/12 03:18 PM

I adore old tech. I collect tube amps and manual typewriters, my kids have an old TV on which they can play DDR, and there was one rather weird day when we were playing with old view masters and my five-year-old asked me to hand him a different DVD. I said it was a reel, like for film, and he had NO IDEA what those things were. I feel like a member of the last generation native to both the between the manual/mechanical/analog/electromagnetic/incandescent, and digital/computerized/automatic/PCB/LED technological worlds. And then I wonder if every generation gets to feel this way at some point?

Tech We Miss
7/9/12 12:41 PM

I just noticed the screw holes on the sides of the seat. If you can dissasemble them into four flat pieces, you may be able to pack them flat and ship them to an interested buyer on the west coast.

I do that from time to time ... many of my buyers of vintage pieces seem to be located in California. I have disassembled sewing chairs, bookshelves, sewing machine tables, even a walnut sofa frame. GOOD LUCK!

How Much To Ask for Chairs on Craigslist? Good Questions
6/26/12 05:02 PM

Personally, were I in your area, I would totally buy them off CL for $15 each. I really like them, they look comfy and nostalgic, and I like to make cushions and refinish wood. They're not designer chairs, but if they are structurally sound, they will "do up" nicely under than hands of a modestly skilled amateur refurbisher.

How Much To Ask for Chairs on Craigslist? Good Questions
6/26/12 04:55 PM

My Alabama ReStore would price them at $5 per chair, I think. Bee for Brian's suggestion of using them for a learning project (or one of your friends or neighbors might wish to, if you're not so inclined) is a great idea, and if the chairs turn out cool and you still don't want them, then you could list them on CL for double the cost of materials PLUS whatever magic number pleases you.

The "walnut" written (scratched) on the bottom was possibly a reference to the color of stain that was used when it was originally finished.

How Much To Ask for Chairs on Craigslist? Good Questions
6/26/12 04:51 PM

Reminds me I had a friend who once deconstructed a box spring, and reused the springs to make party decorations with a figure popping up, jack-in-the-box style. Great reuse of materials, and The Home Project has completed and blogged lots of other interesting projects.

Before & After: Box Spring Chair & Table
6/22/12 01:18 PM

Ah, Pi already made the same suggestion before I did ... The appproach definitely works in museums, schools, and other public spaces.

How To Baby Proof This Stairwell? Good Questions
5/11/12 04:14 PM

Who says the ledge has to be flat and horizontal? One could install an "anti-shelf" at a 45-degree or greater angle, which would keep the space above open, transition from the narrowness below, and prevent any objects (animate or in-) from gathering on the ledge.

If it were my home, I would use a secure but reversible installation method, to permit the ledge to return to duty as a display shelf in the future, after the child has acquired a fear of fall-down-and-go-boom.

How To Baby Proof This Stairwell? Good Questions
5/11/12 04:10 PM


Beth's Charming Downsize Small Cool Contest
4/19/12 05:52 PM