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I felt compelled to thank everyone for their kind words and constructive criticism. Particularly, I did want to address the one negative comment that we have has so far (I hope the only negative comment!). I typically would not post a response in this venue considering we are the feature, however I think that some clarification is in order.

With that being said, I do agree with "rueful" that I take our products seriously. It might be only a salt and pepper shaker set, but when we design something at Culinarium, we want to do the very best job that we can. I think this is why we are so fortunate to have such great customers (to whom we are forever grateful) and why we are having such a great reception in the marketplace this year. We really care about all of the products that we design and produce, even a little salt and pepper shaker!

Also, I wanted to address the indictment that our products are "astoundingly non-green" 
While it is true that the action of producing cement does not exactly tread lightly on the earth, I want to mention that we only use approximately 10% cement in all of our products, the rest of the contents are composed of roughly 50% recycled stone dust (from the countertop industry) and sand aggregate.

Finally, we have embossed the word concrete on all of our salt and pepper shakers because we have had a lot of people ask what our wares are made of. The fact is that when I first started creating our first salt cellars, a lot of people thought our products were made of soapstone! If everyone were as brilliant and perceptive as 'rueful' then perhaps it would not have occurred to me to emboss each piece with the word concrete.

Thank you everyone in advance for your support!!

Please feel free to email us any questions you have in regards to our products.

Culinarium - Booth #11 Design Showcase 2012
9/19/12 08:14 PM