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I've seen these renovations. They look even better in person. The kitchen renovation does not look like a condo renovation. It's lovely and really works. I have a similar home so know the problems. In order not to have a stove in front of a window you would have to totally renovate the space. These homes have many windows and doors. Sometimes one can overboard in trying to "restore". This kitchen really fits into this home nicely. When these homes were built, many people had servants who worked in the kitchen and served in the dining room.

To clear up the confusion about "Victorian". We have an area called "Victorian Flatbush". My British cousin saw these homes and wondered why as some of you wonder since they were constructed after Victoria. The only reason I have been able to find out is that they have "Victorian details".


Before & After: Updating a Victorian Kitchen (and Bathroom)
9/18/12 10:34 PM