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Ugh, Gag me with a spoon. Terrbile, terrible terrible. I'm sorry, I just CANT like it.

Everything Old is New Again:
Jungle Bathroom

10/16/13 04:20 PM

i recently bought 7 bentwood chairs dated 1970. Anyone know the story with this?

Thonet Bentwood Chairs For Every Room
9/17/13 07:40 PM

Roman shade?

How To Hang Curtains on Corner Windows? Good Questions
8/20/13 04:49 PM

I actually thought it looked really nice with the peachy color on top. Maybe get a nice mirror in there, make a gallery wall.....add some interest to it an the dark dark dark color won't be depressing. I think it could actually make the space look larger and more interesting!

Windowless Foyer: The Darker the Better? Good Questions
8/20/13 04:44 PM

100% timeless classics! You can use them with ANY decor and they look great. They are certainly not just for grandma's and they are not just a trendy item that will look dated in 10 years. These classic beauties have been used for decades...and decades from now they will still look fabulous. 10 years down the road you can always update the fabric if it gets worn or if you want to incorporate a trend into your design.

Are French Round-Back Chairs Timeless Classics? Good Questions
8/20/13 04:39 PM

My husband and I have tried pillow after pillow after pillow....granted, none of them were upwards of $ maybe that's our problem. However, after purchasing some memory foam pillows we are able to get a goods night sleep without a neckache! I never thought I'd like memory foam but it provides wonderful neck support and we both get a much better night's sleep because we're not constantly tossing and turning trying to get comfortable.
I was actually able to find them on a deal ($20 each) at Ross.

Are Expensive Pillows Worth It? Good Questions
8/20/13 04:28 PM

wow this is crazy! and awesome!

Luxury Living: Drive-in Boathouses HomeLife
8/5/13 04:23 PM

I loved reading your post. :-) Your dining room has lovely hardwoods great molding! As other's have suggested an area rug would really help to anchor the room. I would re-paint the room a grey tone because that's my latest obession but the green really is a nice color. I noticed that you have your curtain rod a little low. Might you consider raising it up a bit? This might bring balance to the room and may make your large dining table feel like it fits better.
Good lukc & can't wait to see the after!!

Julia's Before Photos: The Random Catch-all Dining Room Liveblogging the Style Cure
8/5/13 04:20 PM

those puffy lights are terrible. Are they Mylar?

Dramatic Modern Lighting from Innermost I Saloni 2013
5/14/13 01:40 PM

I am so jealous! I am always scouring Craig's List for something like this and have yet to find. They look awesome!! & GREAT find! :-)

Before & After: Updated Bamboo EtageresJunkin' Junky
5/14/13 01:13 PM

this is genius. looks awesome. wish i had thought of this myself. lol.

Before & After: Disguising Offset Windows Behind a Bed
4/9/13 01:53 PM

I'm gonna try this. Hope it turns out as nice!

Luxe for Less: DIY Agate Box Preciously Me
3/18/13 01:45 PM

I love this look, but it really isn't practical or livable. Who wants to eat popcorn on a loveseat that costs $3900? And you can't stretch out and relax on these either. If I were a bazillionair living in some posh flat in the city I would totally have one of these in my foyer...until then, I'll stick with my comfy (yet classy looking) couch from MOR. ;-)

Small Space Sofa Alternatives:
10 Settees & Loveseats

10/15/12 12:29 PM

Wow! I love this. It's so original and a great reuse of old things.

A DIY Wooden Crate Style Stairway Roommarks
9/18/12 07:48 PM

The problem with my cat's litter is not really the smell but that she gets that sandy litter all over the place! I've tried different mats to collect it, didn't help. CaseyinTO did a nice post on cabinets with built in kitty doors. Now that's ingenious!

A Pretty Way To Hide Kitty Litter
9/18/12 07:47 PM

All that build up and you think we're going to get to see the finished products! I won't believe it til I see it!

The Simple Styling Trick that Instantly Makes Any Room Look Neater
9/18/12 07:29 PM

I like a well-used well-absorbing towel too. I would hit up Good Will or other thrift stores for some if you're not a germaphobe and willing to give them a nice washing before using.

Where Can I Find Non-Fluffy Towels?? Good Questions
9/18/12 07:20 PM