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Really nicely done. Would you show us the rest of your home, please? Pretty please?

Two Rooms for Two Brothers in Warsaw My Room
9/4/13 08:13 AM

Wow, this is beautiful. My two young boys would love the running possibilities offered by all the connecting rooms! And the kid's bedroom is just lovely. It's great to see this type of an apartment on Apartment Therapy.

@Modern Country Lady, I don't know where you live, but in many parts of Europe (including here in Switzerland) it is quite unusual to buy, and rent-controlled rented apartments are handed down through families over generations. As a result, it's not uncommon to treat these spaces as if you own them and to invest money in the process.

Ralph & Julie's Spacious Altbau in Berlin House Tour
4/26/13 08:14 AM

This is a great room. And I love the fact that it's your son who chooses which trucks to snap for his montage! Good job!

A Little Mover's Paradise My Room
12/12/12 07:34 AM

Very nice home! Thanks for letting us snoop.

Sue & Graham's Eclectic Victorian Townhouse House Tour
12/11/12 04:52 AM

Wow, I LOVE it. Beautifully done.

Is it very rude to ask how much it cost to purchase and re-do the house? Maybe.

Lovely home. Thanks for letting us snoop.

The Craver Compound House Tour
11/28/12 03:20 AM

Good job!

A Hands On, Use-What-You Have Room for Sisters My Room
11/2/12 11:12 AM

Yep, I agree with everyone else - lovely home!

Marie & Ben's Scandinavian Chic Shoe Factory Apartment House Tour
10/31/12 10:47 AM

Wow, all I can see when I look at this house are dollar signs and an amazing view.

Leah & Bill's Modern Love Nest House Tour
10/30/12 06:03 AM

It's beautiful. I'd love to see the rest of their home.

Olivia Ellen's Copenhagen Charmer Kid's Room Tour
9/26/12 07:15 AM

Really beautiful.

Two Architects Create Their Own Home in a 1909 HouseHouse Tour
9/21/12 03:22 AM

Good point, Carrie H. For me, this post fails to grasp one of the main reasons why people (like me) buy bunk beds; they are a practical way of accommodating two kids in one room when money's an issue. These are the sorts of bunk beds that Ricky from Silver Spoons might have gotten for sleepovers.

Best Bunk Beds 2012 Apartment Therapy's Annual Guide
9/18/12 11:21 AM