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I got really excited because the value was $150 but I clicked the link and it's $300! Is it for sale anywhere for $150?

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12/9/11 03:27 PM

This is the third post on laundry baskets today! Why?

Laundry Bins & Baskets for the Modern Home
1/3/11 03:27 PM

How has nobody mentioned the Tanner home from Full House? I loved that their renovations and add-ons were part of the story, and the house grew and changed with the family. The garage became Joey's room, then a recording studio. The attic became Jesse, Rebecca and the twins' first home. The whole drama of DJ wanting her own room. The pink bunny wallpaper from Stephanie's old room/Jesse's first room. And who didn't love that bizarre alcove in the back of the living room--what was that stuff??

Yes, I really really loved Full House...

Flashback: The Huxtable House | Apartment Therapy Chicago
12/4/09 04:54 PM

The smell of a homecooked meal and the garden outside my window.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Thursday Giveaway: Nate Williams Pillows Los Angeles
10/4/08 02:12 PM