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I love seeing the Flor carpet, because I am thinking about using something from them in my new LR. Also thinking about the same Merimekko shower curtain. Love it.

Your bedroom closet is like the answer to a prayer! Where did you get the sliding panel things? Or did you get the hardware and make them? If you did a post about this i didn't see it, sorry. I really need that- can't stand curtainy curtains.

Last but not least, please give Bacon a big kiss and hug for me!

Apartment Therapy Boston | Wes, Kayla Bacon's Brookline Remix House Tour
11/9/09 07:10 AM

I am going through the same thing, altho my cherry cabinets are not as nice as yours. I want to paint them white and all the wood worshipers (including my husband) are ganging up on me.

The problem as I see it is the big, dark cabinets overwhelm that narrow space. No matter whether you like modern or traditional, it's just too much cabinet. How about painting the top ones white and leaving the bottom ones like they are? The top cabinets wouldn't seem so looming that way. A lighter floor would be good too. Then it would be like a light space with a dark horizontal stripe (the bottom cabinets) which might visually broaden the space.

A washable Flor rug done wall to wall with horizontal stripes (subtle) might help too. I think you can take up individual squares of that and wash them.

On the subject of resale value, I hate that, because it's like the house isn't yours. But it depends on how long you think you will be living there. If you will be there till they haul you out feet first, then do whatever the heck you want!!!!!

Apartment Therapy Boston | Paint These Cabinets for More Modern Look? Good Question
10/8/09 06:56 AM

I love your pillows, and I go through the same thing. I get tired of color pretty fast, but I come back to it like a moth to a flame. So... how about having a set of white and oatmeal pillows and drapes put away, and change them out when you go off color for awhile, then bring them back when you start to miss it. I would like to have different colors for summer and winter, too!

This plan could get pricey unless you make some things yourself, but if you think about it, it's crazy to expect yourself to like the exact same thing day in and day out. It's like listening to the same music everyday of the year.

Now I'll go back to my 40 half-finished homemade pillows.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Good Quote: from Isaac Mizrahi
9/18/09 05:45 PM

This is fun- made me think. I came up with the same 2 things as lemonader. A big comfortable sofa with simple lines, because people aren't going to get any smaller, and they aren't going to start sitting ramrod straight like they used to on antique furniture. To update, change accent pillows. Also, a simple, eternal dining table with chairs that you can reupholster the seats of when you want a change.

Also,people have always and will always have music in their homes, so electronics have to be dealt with, though hopefully wires will become obsolete. In the same vein, musical instruments always look good because they are so beautifully designed. A cool living room I saw belonged to Ann & Mick Jones and had electric guitars next to antique furniture.

Someday our Ipod dock will look to our grandchildren like an old monster stereo from the '70's or a phonograph with a big horn on it, but you know, they will be fascinated.

Window treatments that stand the test of time? Imo wooden shutters!

Apartment Therapy DC | Dated Decor: What Trends Will Stand the Test of Time?
6/11/09 07:47 PM

I am probably old enough to be everybody's grandmother on here, so I will say a grandmotherly thing. When I got married in the early '80's, I went to pick out my "china", I actually picked put pottery because we knew we would never be that fancy, and the pattern I liked came in two color choices: a multi color that had green, yellow, eggplant and a little bit of blue, or blue and white. I chose the multicolor, and I will tell you I have regretted it ever since.

In all the decorating phases I have gone through, from Santa Fe to Lynn von Kersting wanna-be Moroccan, to Japanese, the blue and white would have worked better!

Apartment Therapy New York | Shopping With Carolyne Roehm: Blue & White Accessories The New York Times 9.25.08
10/12/08 01:24 PM

I have been fascinated by KW's work for a long time, and have both of her books. Her rooms are theatrical, impersonal, and stuffed with the objects she is trying to sell. As petiteflea says, her rooms are like a fashion show, or a pic in Vogue where they pile ten necklaces on the model-not to be copied literally. the Domino article, her solution to decorating the space without changing the architecture is not good. It looks like an old motel room that has had the surfaces redone in patterns so you won't see the dirt. And that dressy blue and gold screen next to the window with original builders hardware. Eek! Actually, her new fabrics have some beautiful Japanese inspired designs, and Japanese-ish might have been a good look in that space, but you have to balance the busy with some calm!

Apartment Therapy New York | The 70s: Kelly Wearstler's Next Big Thing Domino Magazine, October 2008
10/4/08 08:33 AM