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Apartment Therapy Chicago | Flickr Finds: Art & Chel's Master Bath and Entryway Reno Chicago
10/12/08 05:17 PM

We designed the kitchen & the vanities from our studio. I'm about to launch a small furniture and cabinetry design/build....you can get updates at the new website.


Apartment Therapy Chicago | House Tour: The Worden's MC Inspired Modern Build
10/6/08 03:02 PM

My wife and I love this home. Such a classic mid century design that was given new life. David B. Runnels would be proud and I think this young architect has a very bright future. Thanks!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | House Tour: The Foster's Drummond Dream Home#comments
10/4/08 07:46 AM

Thank you all for your comments.

We’re excited to have an opportunity to share our home with all of you at Apartment Therapy. I will answer all of your questions as best as I can.

I will be launching a website, for my studio in the next week or so…… www.archetype3.com

I hope to bring fresh ideas and affordable solutions with a BLOG as well. Please take the time to check in from time to time and see what our small design/build is up to.

Thanks and enjoy!

Q. - The bathroom sinks/vanities?
A. - We designed the pieces ourselves and were influenced by mid century credenzas from George Nelson and Florence Knoll.

Q. - What was the purpose of the one course of 4" block?
A. - By adding one course of 4” block we were able to create a nice visual break.

Q. - What is the insulation rating on the concrete block? Is there additional insulation?
A. - We used a light weight block because it had a higher R-value and we filled the cores with a granular Perlite insulation…that gets you to about R-11. On the interior we insulated the furred walls with R-13 as well. There are so many little things to take into account….taking advantage of passive solar heat gain, radiant heated floors, windows, 2nd story construction, roof, etc….We figure the entire envelope averages around R-19.

Q. - Patrick Dempsey?
A. - The wife is looking at me with a little differently lately….Thanks!

Q. - How are the cement walls for heating and AC costs?
A. - Very good. In the summer it is very cool…costs are much lower that a traditional home and in the winter we have yet to turn on the radiant heating system that was installed up front…..All in all the home is incredibly efficient.

Q. - Adorable little one as well!
A. - Thank you

Q. - Is there any way to cast them myself? And how to avoid cracking?
A. - In the US concrete can be mixed at a plant and delivered to the site. You can specify the strength as well…like 5000 PSI.

Q. - Gorgeous build. I'm redoing my apartment, and I'm replacing a fireplace with a wood stove - I love yours - what is it? It looks like one of the Danish stoves imported by Wittus - maybe the trendline?
A. - We chose SCAN from a local supplier…the installed cost was around $2200.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | House Tour: The Worden's MC Inspired Modern Build#comments
10/4/08 07:18 AM