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Happy Thanksgiving to all. So grateful for my healthy and that of my family's.!!!

Win: KOHLER Whitehaven Kitchen Sink & Purist Faucet Holiday Giveaway
11/22/12 01:12 PM

This is a great-on-a-budget makeover for a rented space. Love the pop of yellow. Good job!

Before & After: Rental Kitchen Gets an Adorable Update
9/23/12 06:38 PM

I'm in love. Sigh.........

Noemi's Romantic Biedermeier Apartment in Berlin
Green Tour

9/15/12 11:05 PM

Super cute!!!! Great job.

Baby Iggy's Groovy Sci-Fi Room My Room
9/15/12 10:49 PM

Cute room. Get rid of the map.

Violet's Bright and Airy Space Kids Room Tour
9/15/12 10:47 PM

I have been looking at home tours, projects etc for over a year and this is the first time I am ever commenting on someone's project. I registered specifically so I could comment!

I'm glad you saved the stained window in the bathroom. Also, at first I didn't get the shower & tub being enclosed like that but then the thought of cleaning up first before jumping into a bath, sounded so yummy. However, I can't believe this project cost 90k. The kitchen looks like my ikea kitchen. I agree with a lot of people here who wished the original sink would have been saved. I just can't believe the cost.

Before & After: Updating a Victorian Kitchen (and Bathroom)
9/15/12 10:43 PM