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I agree with @miranar-- this isn't really an apartment friendly diy.

Make this Homemade Holiday Gift:

11/16/13 09:44 AM

Spoonflower's keeping good folks in Durham employed, and textile artists (and workers, and fabricators) deserve to get paid living wages. You may be "just" ordering a small piece of fabric, but the materials and work have a cost that your product goes to paying for. (End soapbox/artist rant)

If you're feeling creative, you may want to try hand stamping or using an iron-on transfer.

Cheap Custom Fabric Printing Sources? Good Questions
2/18/13 04:09 PM

Love it! Your little ones must be thrilled & their friends are going to be jealous! Growing up, my friends and I always thought staying with someone who had bunk beds was such a treat!

Building 3 Bunk Beds in a Small Space
The Handmade Dress

6/29/12 04:52 PM

This is ridiculous. Screen door mesh can't hold pans! And it's misleading to show stuff on top of the door-- it's all balanced on the frame! "If you're a little uneasy about the mesh holding you might try pieces of lucite"? Not only do I have to find a door, I have to find lucite? Boo, AT. This is lame.

Make a Pot Rack From a Screen Door Better Homes & Gardens
6/28/12 08:24 PM

Looks great!

Kitchen Before & After: Cheryl's 'Very Tight Budget' DIY Redo Reader Kitchen Remodel
6/15/12 02:37 PM

sad not said

Help! I'm Getting My Wisdom Teeth Out. What Can I Eat?Good Questions
5/11/12 10:08 PM

Are you from the South? If not, no one's said this to you, yet. Oh, shug. (That is short for sugar, and a term of endearment down here, and we mean it happy and said and sympathetic, too.) I had mine out last year, and had a real boot-straps moment when I realized my good-for-nothing ex wasn't going to take care of me. I ate a lot of grits. Do you have grits where you come from? Don't waste your time with instant grits, they taste like crap and real grits are just as easy to cook. Buy a 3lb bag of grits, dump them into a container so you don't spill them in your drug-induced haze. Scoop grits into a little pot. Put some water into a pot. Drop an egg in there to poach. Put some cheese and butter on it when it's gotten solid-y but the egg yolk is still runny. Stir, and make sure you walk slow back to the couch so it has time to cool. Good luck!

Help! I'm Getting My Wisdom Teeth Out. What Can I Eat?Good Questions
5/11/12 10:08 PM

I love that photo 2 of the "after" has his drill on the floor! He's a real person! Who piles up tools (like in every home I've lived in)! Hooray!

Looks great for a young, hip kitchen re-do.

Before & After: 2012 Small, Cool Winner Daniel's DIY Kitchen Makeover
5/11/12 10:01 PM

@ lisakb-- I think the way you put it "It's definitely not an exact science... But it's part of the 'charm' of these concoctions," is wonderful. It put a smile on my face!

Retro Recipe: Homemade Nutty BarsRecipes from The Kitchn
5/4/12 07:05 PM

I made these for a party, they came out so well!

Adorable DIY Party Favors: Meringue Mushrooms Cupcakes and Cashmere
4/16/12 11:41 PM

I think it's unfortunate that your reading an interview about a movie sullied your experience with this art collection. There is a huge difference between a photography project whose participants are willing and who suffer no ill fate and a piece of fiction with a dark and sordid twist that happens to involve the same (commonplace) subject matter. I think it's fair that the photographs creep you out (if it's just that you find pictures of people sleeping strange, or taking pictures of people strange), but drawing a comparison between the two projects creates negative connotations that the collection doesn't seem to have had.

Beautifully Creepy: Nick Knight's Sleep Portraits
3/23/12 09:24 PM

They wrote about it in May 2011.

Mid-Winter Fruit Reprieve: 8 Snacks, Breakfasts, & Desserts with Frozen Fruit
1/25/12 09:17 PM

It's Seuss!

Raw Art Letterpress: Typographic Prints
Store Profile

1/25/12 09:12 PM

I tried this the other night, and am so so thankful for the tip! Hooray for homemade pizza!

Want Awesome Pizza? Turn Up The Oven
12/20/11 07:27 PM

I've got a road id bracelet (with emergency contacts, address, and allergies) for when I go cycling and they've just come out with interactive ones (linked to a profile that emts, etc. can check with your medical history). I ran into a dad the other day that had the new ones for himself & all his kids- like rubberband bracelets and they loved wearing them!

Tottoos (And How My Child Got Lost)
8/25/11 10:29 PM

I feel like tape or 3m strips are just as notorious for ripping off paint as glue. Maybe make loops with the top of the line and put them on a tension rod? It looks it might work with that beam.

Use Toy Capsules As Curious Wall Decor

6/1/11 10:18 AM

I cooked with my mom growing up, but when she died suddenly when I was in high school it became glaringly obvious that I had no idea how to cook. My high school Latin teacher took me under her wing and taught me a few basics--quick tuna casserole (which tuna + noodles + veggies), chicken pesto, etc. And it really helped me like this: If you know a basic recipe, you can substitute with what you have, you can follow the same technique with new ingredients, you can make it if all else fails.

Who Taught You to Cook or Inspired Your Cooking?
Memorial Day 2011

5/31/11 09:54 AM

Stuffed mushrooms!

Looking for Good Vintage 1950s Party Recipes
Good Questions

5/28/11 11:14 AM

I find it incredibly ironic that @lulukittie and so many others responded to a post about comment etiquette with a comment that ignored... etiquette. Esp. @lulukittie goes out of [her/his] way to insult the competence of a stranger because s/he doesn't agree with the opinions of the OP. Way to go, all. Bias-based incompetence is totally a thing. Thanks for your 'don't be a jerk' post, OP-- the comments at AT are often the thing that put me off the whole site.

4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Leaving a Jerky Comment
Etiquette, Manners and Just Being a Good Person

5/18/11 05:57 PM

You're missing out. Hot chocolate + bourbon in the winter, chocolate milk shake (or egg cream, now that I know that exists) + bourbon in the summer- yum.

Sweet Recipe: Double Chocolate Bourbon Egg Cream
4/29/11 07:50 PM