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6. Paint raw wood

Polite Salt & Pepper Shakers by David Shrigley
4/29/14 12:14 PM

Do you think Maxwell has introduced Ursula to the humor of hard drugs?

Polite Salt & Pepper Shakers by David Shrigley
4/29/14 11:22 AM

I think "Jennifer's Kitchen" has become "Spencer's Kitchen."

Jennifer's Kitchen: The Home Stretch Renovation Diary
4/24/14 05:02 PM

And this is why people urge others NOT TO PAINT bare wood! Yes, I yelled.

Before & After: An Over-Madeover Console Gets Just the Right Amount of Love
4/24/14 01:11 PM

Please don't paint the trim. It's beautiful wood that was intended to be left unpainted. You can go to any tract home in the burbs and find plenty of paint grade trim that's painted white. Do you want your house to be mistaken for a tract home in the burbs? I didn't think so. If you really have a need to paint some trim, go to Home Depot, buy some trim, buy some paint, place the trim ona tarp in your driveway and go for it.

To Paint or Not To Paint Our Abundance of Wood Trim? Good Questions
4/22/14 11:02 AM

Thank you for this sweet article. It made me laugh and cry. I had lived with Mike the cat for 18 years when he died. I cried for four days and then thought I would be relieved not to clean a litter box or be awoken at daybreak but something was missing.Then I saw Betty and Judy and bam, I was sucked back in. They fight over my lap, tear up furniture, yell when I don't scratch behind their ears enough AND they never wake me up. But they are my sweet boo, boo kittie girls.

10 Reasons Living with a Cat is the
Very Best

2/21/14 01:03 PM

There's a lot of info about decontaminating meth houses on the internet including info about people purchasing homes they did not know were used as meth lab. Interesting info.

Before & After: Condemned Meth House Gets Majorly Modernized
2/11/14 01:08 PM

Check the paint on the trim, especially in older homes where the original paint was probably oil based. I moved into a home where the previous owners had painted all of the woodwork - baseboards, doors, windows, crown - with latex paint over oil. It peeled off in sheets. Now, whenever I go to open houses, I scratch the woodwork in several places to see if it comes off easily so as to warn potential buyers.

10 Things to Check Before You Buy a Home
2/4/14 04:30 PM

You've made many people very happy.

Before & After: Jim's \"Diamond in the Rough\" Nightstands
2/4/14 04:18 PM

I make a bed of leaves, grasses and twigs which I never wash.

What’s the Purpose of a Flat Sheet, Anyway?
1/30/14 04:51 PM

I always think kitchens should be a color of a food - green, red, yellow, purple. Happy colors, vibrant colors. Leave the greige for restful places.

Paint Color Suggestions for My Kitchen? Good Questions
1/30/14 09:56 AM

I implore all future contributors - put the toilet seat down. And don't wake the cat.

Chris & Meg's Darling City Cottage House Tour
1/28/14 01:30 PM

The bathrooms are fantastic and becoming harder to find. Please don't ever change them!

Erik & Paul's Happy Los Feliz Home House Tour
1/6/14 10:24 AM

Yes, that's right - the new mayor is shoveling his own snow and the media just happens to show up. Have fun New York. The next four years will be interesting!

Breaking News: New NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Shovels His Own Snow And May or May Not Have Stripped Down for the Cameras
1/3/14 02:50 PM

I think Pim is trying to find a place to nap but the lady that feeds him keeps following him around taking pictures.

Colman's Converted Georgetown Stable House Tour
12/12/13 03:26 PM

I spent Thanksgiving in Turkey a few years ago. I kept trying to explain it people and they just politely smiled.

How to Celebrate the Holidays When You Live Abroad
12/11/13 03:35 PM

Fabulous! And the sink is awesome. If you ever do gut, keep the sink.

Budget Before & After: 1980s Kitchen Ditches Its Dated Past
12/10/13 11:15 AM

I agree with Birch and TeaTowelDame - if modern is what you want, you need to buy another couch.

How To Make Art Deco Sofa More Modern? Good Questions
12/10/13 10:24 AM

I can hardly wait for Dan's open house!

Dan's Kitchen: Floors, Final Version Renovation Diary
11/22/13 06:37 PM

Achitected? No. We do not like the sound of that.

Kanye West Speaks at Harvard, Invents New Word Design News 11.19.13
11/19/13 01:26 PM